Tuesday, October 25, 2011


           During the 35th Circle Conference, Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary (CHQ) had an exclusive discussion with the comrades of different divisions of our circle working as System Administrators / Assistants and involved in the system in other undefined capacities. It is the stand of our Federation and a long-pending demand to create a separate cadre for them. The matter is also placed by our organisation in the Cadre Restructuring Committee.

                Com. Sridharan has explained that the department was not initially in favour of creating a separate cadre and arguing that it was not possible due to restraints laid down by DoPT & 6th CPC. But our organisation has pointed out that Postmaster cadre has been created by the department after 6th CPC. Instances have also been cited where in other departments such defined cadres exist with far better grade pay in the pay-band, but there are also defined criteria or qualification and recruitment procedure for such posts. So, it must be reviewed and decided by the Cadre Restructuring Committee. Our CHQ is well aware of the ordeal the SAs are going through, especially after increase in the number of Project Arrow and computerised offices and no increase in the number of SAs. It is requested by our organisation to wait for few more months to allow the Cadre Restructuring Committee to deal with it amicably. Decision of serious movement will surely be taken if the department shows no mentality within this time to consider the problem with appropriate merit which it deserves.

            However, there are other parameters also which are required to be attended to in the course of settling these issues. Our CHQ and Federation is consistently pursuing the issue to address the justified demands of the officials involved in the work related to the system.

            About 30 comrades who were present in the discussion are requested to intimate all other comrades. Our Technology Sub-Committee will also convene a meeting shortly.     

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