Monday, November 28, 2011


   On return from the Circle Conference held at Kalyani, our divisional counterparts have organised series of meetings and other programs. Circle union representatives were also present in those programs. The details so far available with us are given here.
  •  on 30th October, joint working committee was held in Coochbehar division. Coms Janardan Majumder, Somnath Goswami and Pranab Bhattacharya were present from the circle union.
  • on 4th November, a meeting was organised at North Kolkata  divisional office. Com. Sachchidananda Biswas attended the meeting from circle union.
  • on 8th November, a meeting of divisional secretaries and activists in & around Kolkata divisions took place at circle union office. The main issue was filling up of vacancies in different unfilled departmental quotas which the circle office was averting by different tactics. Coms Janardan Majumder, Uttam Paul, Manoj Shaw, Bijan Chakraborty, Asit Bangabas, Anwesha Biswas, Somnath Goswami, Kaushik Roy were present in the meeting presided by Com. Debajyoti Gupta. The meeting discussed the views expressed by the Ch PMG during talk with Coms Janardan Majumder, Samir Bardhan and Pranab Bhattacharya (Admin Union). It was decided that the matter would be taken up with all seriousness so that the C.O. processed the unfilled vacancies as per rules. Letters have already been issued to the Ch PMG.
  • on 9th November, South Presidency Divisional unions demonstrated against issuing charge sheets against a large number of P.A.s as subsidiary offenders. Even in the case of dacoity at Sonarpur S.O. on 8th February 2010, the SPM (also the President of our divisional Group-C union) has been charge sheeted who was injured by the gunshots of the miscreant gang.
  • on 10th November, a joint meeting was held at the union office of Contai division. Com. Uttam Paul was present from circle union.
  • on 12th November, a Voluntary Blood Donation camp was organised by Central Kolkata divisional unions at Park Street H.O. The program in its 5th year, was inaugurated by Com. Somnath Mukherjee. Com. Shib Sankar Roy, Joint Convener of 12th July Committee also graced the camp by his presence. Coms. Janardan Majumder, Somnath Goswami, Asit Das and Asit Bangabas were present. 65 comrades including 7 lady comrades donated blood in the camp. 
  • on 13th November, the joint working committee meeting of Birbhum divisional unions was held at Sainthia. Com. Anwesha Biswas attended on behalf of the circle union. Birbhum divisional unions are now fighting strong against the corruption and malpractices of the divisional administration. The issue was discussed with importance, developing mass awareness against the Pension Bill was also took a prime part of the discussion.
  • on 15th November, a meeting was arranged at circle union office with the divisional secretaries of Kolkata for preparation of street campaign against Pension Bill and supporting 25th November 'Parliament March'.
  • on 17th November, at 9 (nine) prominent spots of Kolkata city, huge gatherings were organised by CGCC to collect signature of common people against Pension Bill. Large number of Postal comrades from Kolkata GPO, Central, North, South & East Kolkata divisions, PSD Kolkata, Fgn Post and Barabazar H.O. participated with spontaneity to make the program a remarkable success.
  • on 25th November huge number of Postal comrades participated in the 'March to Parliament' against the Pension Bill. The detailed report will appear in this blog shortly.