Friday, October 30, 2015

37th  BIENNIAL  CIRCLE  CONFERENCE : 01.11.2015  TO  04.11.2015 : ALL  ROADS  TO  SURI  NOW

    Comrades, it is just a day in between when we are going to meet at our Circle Conference at Indoor Stadium, Suri, Birbhum. The Reception Committee has spent several sleepless nights to ensure that the arrangements do not have any flaw. Now it is upto us to ensure that the conference satisfies the organisational needs of the moment.

   As organisers, we are now facing multiple challenges. Our prime task is to achieve a new hight in the ensuing strike on 1st & 2nd December 2015. The GDS membership is the another one, which is also expected to be declared shortly. There are administrative attacks and reluctance towards the issued raised by our organisation. The roll-out schemes --- CBS, PLI/RPLI, AV-AD, RICT --- everything on an under-prepared infrastructure and inadequate fund has put a big question mark in front of us. There are radical changes like Post Bank, expectations and apprehensions on Cadre Restructuring and 7th CPC --- we have to analyse the hopes and threats realistically.

    Identifying the attacks and problems are not sufficient. These should be followed by organisational introspection. We have to assess our achievements, failures, roles and contributions in the organisation and on the basis of those, the road map has to be formulated for the next two years. The elements of hope which may lead to success should be identified as well. It is not only despair around us, people of the working class, literary, cultural and scientific geniuses are also getting gradually close and united to protest social evils.  

      We, therefore, request our delegates and visitors to attend the Circle Conference with required homework done carefully, going through our draft secretarial report and of course after completing the Organisational Proforma Report.

  Let us meet at Indoor Stadium (Com. Kumarananda Chatterjee Nagar), Suri, Birbhum.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Organizational Proforma Report is given below.

Please download this copy and fill up all the points properly. Before collecting credential etc at Circle Conference venue, this proforma report must have to be handed over to Circle Union.


At least attend Circle conference having been equipped with all the required information & documents ( item no 1 to 21 ), so that you may fill up the form, supplied at the venue, if not prepared earlier.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

Joining /In-house training order of PA  of Nadia North Division issued 

Thursday, October 22, 2015



After Central Kolkata Division in Kolkata Region, Sikkim Division in North Bengal Region has issued in-house training order for remaining 9 days for their P.A. candidates of 2013-14 batch. Please note that the order has been issued by DPS, Gangtok, as in case of Sikkim, he is  the Divl Head (not SSPOs or SPOs). our Divl Secretaries may now easily cite these two orders as references as one of these two has been issued by a Group-A officer and another one by an IPS.

    We hope this should be sufficient to ensure other divisions that there is no more complication. Divl.Heads should now issue orders without further delay. Comrades please follow up and report circle union accordingly.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


    Circle Union Team wishes a ceremonious and happening Puja Festival for everybody.

      The festival does not remain so for 888 workers of Kohinoor Teas Estate (photo above). Yesterday, the owner has declared 'Suspension of Work' in this Tea Garden under Shamuktala P.S., Alipurduar, North Bengal. The salary of workers were overdue, the owners have released only a part of due salary, and decision of 'No Bonus' was announced. Aggrieved workers protested, and they are 'out of job' just a day before the Puja. 

     Puja is no more a festival for them.  

Monday, October 19, 2015


       Finally, Central Kolkata Division has issued the order the for 12-days in-house training for the P.A.s of 2013-14 batch, being the first division in West Bengal Circle. The training will commence from 28.10.2015. As per present rule of department, this date will be treated as the joining date of the candidates and the service will continue from this date.

    This proves that there is no administrative difficulty in the way of issuing such order in other divisions if the re-verification report is alright. All divisional secretaries are requested to jump into action if the divisional/unit head is reluctant/inactive in this regard.

  Divl Secretaries please meet the divl/unit heads to demand commencing in-house training within this month. Seek deputation on 27.10.2015 with heads at divisional levels and submit a resolution, if action is not taken in your division. This has to be resolved before proceeding to Circle Conference.

     Please keep liaison with Circle Union and intimate us the position of your division. Circle Zonal Conveners are requested to monitor.

Friday, October 16, 2015


  We are concerned to note that even after repeated correspondences and discussions from NFPE Group of Circle Unions and instruction from the Circle Office to Divisional Heads, joining order has not been issued in any division. This is objectionable, as almost in all divisions the empowered committee has completed re-verification to their satisfaction, except cases of a very few candidates where some more documentary formalities are needed. There is no logical explanation to this delay, just the files are stuck.

  The situation, in our opinion, needed intervention of Chief PMG once again, as she took the earlier initiative to advance the date of completion of verification in our circle. So, Group-C Circle Union has handed over this letter to her today and requested to intervene. 

  Divisional Secretaries are also requested to raise the demand and pressurise respective Divisional Heads to act on it. If they need any guidance or order, they must seek it from the C.O. immediately and cannot be allowed to sit idly expecting C.O. to act first. 

 So far the rising tension among the candidates is concerned, we would request you to please keep your calm. We are closely monitoring the situation and keeping contact with the C.O. It is our responsibility not to go this serious issue loose. We experience this type of administrative inaction on many issues and occasions, that is why we declared that only lifting of abeyance order was not sufficient, we have to follow it up until joining of every fairly selected candidate. We are relentlessly pursuing it. 

  Let us all remain united.    

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Circle Conference of AIPEU Group C, West Bengal Circle Branch at Indoor Stadium, Suri ( Birbhum ) from 01.11.2015 to 04.11.2015 ---- notice served at C.O.

        The copy of the notice of the Circle Conference 2015 is given above. This has already been served to the C.O. So, the Divl Secretaries may now get its printout, if needed, and submit your list of delegates to Divl Heads asking to grant Special C.L. with transit time. The hard copy has been despatched by post to all divisional secretaries.

  Draft Secretarial Report and Poster of Circle Conference is now available at Circle Union office. Divn/Units in and around Kolkata are requested to collect them by hand immediately. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Daker Saaj Stamp Exhibition 2015


      Department of Posts, West Bengal Circle, has arranged a wonderful exhibition of philatelic stamps and stationaries including First Day Covers, Information Sheets and several other items in the ground floor gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, 2, Cathedral Road, Kolkata-71. 

   The exhibition which has started from 08.10.2015, has huge collection of philatelic items displayed in standing frames in three rooms of the gallery. The gallery truly reflects the history of India and the world with some rarest philatelic items. The exhibition has been also enriched with the contributions from philatelists and private collectors. 

   In another room, provision has been made for dealers for selling stamps. Here, you would have the rare opportunity to search for your favourite stamp --- Indian or Foreign, First Day Cover, currency notes and coins of different countries. You can also collect stamp collection books. Department has also released special philatelic merchandise for sale for this exhibition.

   Our colleagues from different divisions of West Bengal and officers are on duty at the exhibition. The beautiful display reflects their hard labour and affection for the department. It is indeed for their restless efforts that we can have such a feast for our eyes and soul there. On behalf of NFPE Group of Circle Unions, we congratulate and thank our colleagues, officers and other contributors for such a sensational event in the city, which enhances our social relevance.     

  We request and recommend all to visit the exhibition with your family within 13.10.2015, from 12 noon to 8 P.M.  

         Some more items in the exhibition :

Friday, October 9, 2015


NFPE, West Bengal, has done it again.

Our Circle Secretaries issued the following letter on 15.09.2015 to Chief PMG requesting arrangement of immediate joining (all of you have seen this already in earlier blog).

     ADPS (P& SR), an officer who deals with the union letters to Chief PMG, has forwarded our above letter on 06.10.2015 to the ADPS (Recruitment) for taking necessary action. The letter is given below :

      Receiving the above letter, ADPS (Recruitment) has issued a letter (no.Rectt/R-8/Direct Quota/2014/Part-II) on the same day (06.10.2015) addressing all Divisional Heads in West Bengal for taking necessary action towards immediate joining. The letter has already been received by the divisional heads. We have gone through the letter, but copy is not readily available to us to be given in this blog.

        Comrades, the better part of this news is ---- we have learnt that some divisions have completed all tasks and are ready to issue joining order. We are expecting the order in those divisions on Monday               

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DA order of GDS employees issued by deptt. of post.
Deptt. has issued the order of Productivity Link Bonus for 60 days @ Rs. 3500.00 per month

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Delegate list, due list and amount paid list of the Divisions / Branches have already been sent by post. Although it is also posted in website for ready reference.  All Divisional / Branch Secretary are requested to take personal care and close watch over the of dues and collection, which is called by Circle Union / CGCC , so that the said amount would be paid to circle union before ensuing Circle Conference. In addition to this is also requested to come with their report of divisional / branch conference in ensuing Circle Conference without fail.