Monday, October 19, 2015


       Finally, Central Kolkata Division has issued the order the for 12-days in-house training for the P.A.s of 2013-14 batch, being the first division in West Bengal Circle. The training will commence from 28.10.2015. As per present rule of department, this date will be treated as the joining date of the candidates and the service will continue from this date.

    This proves that there is no administrative difficulty in the way of issuing such order in other divisions if the re-verification report is alright. All divisional secretaries are requested to jump into action if the divisional/unit head is reluctant/inactive in this regard.

  Divl Secretaries please meet the divl/unit heads to demand commencing in-house training within this month. Seek deputation on 27.10.2015 with heads at divisional levels and submit a resolution, if action is not taken in your division. This has to be resolved before proceeding to Circle Conference.

     Please keep liaison with Circle Union and intimate us the position of your division. Circle Zonal Conveners are requested to monitor.


Unknown said...

We all other circle canditate are requested to u plese do something. We are greatful for this kindness

Unknown said...

sir plz do something for our circle..i am from gujarat.what should we do?