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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BEING  ON  DUTY  ON  01.01.2016 ---- WHAT  YOU  NEED  TO  KNOW
     We have received some queries and confusions if one remains under leave on 01.01.2016, whether it is going to affect the benefits adversely due to implementation of 7th CPC from that date.
     As per recommendation of 7th CPC, fixation of revised pay will be done on 01.01.2016. As per present ruling position, one has to remain on duty on the date of fixation of pay. So, it is advisable to remain on duty on that date. If one remains absent or in regular leave on 01.01.2016 (or even if this date falls under a period of leave), he/she would incur loss in benefit during fixation.

    As per the direction and call of National Joint Council of Action, demonstration is to be observed today (or 5th January 2016 if any division finds it difficult today --- as decided by CGCC West Bengal) to protest the retrograde recommendations of the 7th CPC and to settle the 26-point charter of demands submitted to the Cabinet Secretary by NJCA through its letter dated 10.12.2015. The copy of that letter is to be submitted to the Head of Office for onward submission to the Cabinet Secretary again.

    Please send an 'Advance Copy' to the Cabinet Secretary by Speed Post. 

    Our comrades are requested to prepare a forwarding letter in the following format and submit it to Divisional/Unit Head enclosing the NJCA's letter and charter of demand. The content of the demands should be explained in details before today's gathering to reveal the anti-employee stance of the 7th CPC.

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C
All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & MTS
All India Postal Employees Union - GDS(NFPE)
____________________________  Divisional Branch

No:                                                                                           Date : 30.12.2015.

Shri Pradip Kumar Sinha
Cabinet Secretary
Government of India
Rashtrapati Bhawan Annexe
New Delhi-110001.
                                    (Through SSPOs/SPOs/Director/Chief PM/Sr. PM, .......................... Division/Branch/Unit)
                          Subject: Immediate settlement and implementation of 26-point charter of demands placed by NJCA.

        As per the call of the NJCA, our organisations are holding the demonstration today to communicate our strong and vehement objection and protest against the anti-employee stance taken by the 7th CPC expressed through its recommendations.
       Today's huge gathering is expressing its total solidarity and support to the 26-point charter of demands placed to you by the NJCA through their letter dated 10.12.2015, copy of which is enclosed hereto, and demands immediate settlement of each issue.
       From today's demonstration, our organisations also resolve to participate in and observe all programs finalised by NJCA in this connection in future with full strength. 
     We hope that the Government will take up the matter immediately with NJCA to reach a satisfactory settlement within the specified timeframe to avoid confrontation with entire Central Government Employees.  

      Thanking you,
                                                                          Yours faithfully,

                Divl Secretary, Gr-C          Divl Secretary, Postmen & MTS      Divl Secretary, GDS(NFPE)

Enclo: as stated above. 

1. Download and print NJCA's letter dated 10.12.2015 by clicking here :

2. Download and print charter of demand by clicking here :

Please send in the photos of the program in your division through e-mail of Circle Union ( or WhatsApp at 9831209684 / 9564889643.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


  Comrades, please note the programs given by the NJCA to protest the retrograde recommendations of 7th CPC. This is our responsibility to ensure success of these programs.

    However, CGCC and Circle Unions have opined that the date 30th December may be a difficult one for operative staffs of post offices as this is the month-end. CGCC has suggested that if any division finds it difficult to hold the demonstration on 30.12.2015, they may observe it on 5th January 2015.

Scheme for engagement of a dependent of deceased casual labourer engaged on or before 01.09.1993 on compassionate grounds to Gramin Dak Sevak Post.

Successful 16th State Conference of The Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees' & Workers' Unions and Associations. 

   16th State Conference of  The Co-ordination Committee of Central Govt. Employees' & Workers' Unions and Associations, West Bengal, held successfully from 18 - 20 December 2015 at Sampriti Bhawan, Burnpur, Asansol (Com Barada Bhattacharya Nagar, Com S k Vyas Manch). Reception Committee ensured nice and disciplined arrangement even in a critical outer atmosphere. At the beginning, Red Flag of Co-ordination Committee was first hoisted by Com Tapan Dasgupta, President and leader of different mass organisations, he also garlanded the martyrs' column. 

    Members of the presidium of open session were Com Tapan Dasgupta and Com Nirmal Ch Dey. Com Teesta Setalvad inaugurated the Conference with her significant speech. Among other speakers there were Com Samir Bhattacharya, Joint Convener, 12th July Committee, Com Biren Shaw, leader Defence organisation, Com Sisir Roy, leader BSNL organisation, Com Prabhu Dayal,   General Secretary, Jharkhand Central Govt. Co-ordination Committee etc. 353 delegates / Observers including 13 women took part in the conference. 
     Com Pijush Roy, General Secretary placed the organisational report while Com Aninda Mitra placed the accouts. 55 Comrades / delegates including 4 women delegates participated on discussion on organisational review and accounts, Some resolution were also moved and adopted unanimously.
     The Conference ran and finally concluded with the commitment to build up  unity and struggle to face present challenges. Com. Janardan Majumdar (Postal), Com Pijush Roy (Audit) and Com. Subash Bal (Postal) elected unanimously as President, General Secretary and Secretary (Finance) respectively from the conference. Com. Tapan Dasgupta, Ex-President was included in advisory Committee.
   From Postal Organisation, Com. Janardan Majumdar, Com. Sanatan Das, Com Subash Bal, Com Swati Roy Bera and Com Manoj Shaw elected unanimously  as office bearers from the Conference.


Monday, December 14, 2015

List of Compulsory holidays and Restricted holiday to be observed by the Administrative/Operative Offices of the Department of Posts in West Bengal Circle for the year 2016.