Friday, December 11, 2015

Homage to Com.K.G. Bose on his 41st Death Anniversary

11th December 2015 is the 41st Death Anniversary of the Revolutionary P and T Leader Com. K.G.Bose and is being observed at K. G. Bose Bhawan, Kolkata & all over India. 
Com.K.G.Bose is the leader who gave the P&T Unions the correct line to be adopted. He fought against  reformism in the union and gave the appropriate guide lines. He was dismissed from service in connection with the leadership role in the 1949 strike and was not taken back. However, he continued in the P&T and Central Govt. employees movement till the last.
        He was elected as the Circle Secretary of three unions of NFPTE in W.Bengal in 1954. He was elected as the President of NFPTE in 1970. He also functioned as the president of Postal Class III Union. He was elected as an MLA in W.Bengal. He functioned as a member of the Pay Commission for the state employees of W.Bengal.
       His life was full of sacrifices and struggles. Even when he was ill and was in the London Hospital for treatment, his mind was with the workers in India. He died on 11th December 1974 at the comparatively young age of 54.
      We have many cherished memories of Com.KG Da, who was always there to advice and guide us. KG Bose Mandiram, Calicut  is one of the first union office in honour of him. The BSNLEU building in Delhi is also named after KG Bose.

      On his 41st death anniversary, we pay our respects to the great revolutionary who led the great P&T TU movement in its crucial period. Thousands of leaders and activists of P&T and CG Employees have followed and following the great path shown by Comrade K.G. Da in our day to day trade union life. Comrade KG Bose is the inspiration Let us remember this greatest leader on this historic day of 11th December with our banner dipped in honour of Comrade KG Bose.

     Red Salute to Com. K.G.Bose!
Red Salute to Com. K.G.Bose!

Com. Jyotsna Basu, Wife of Late Mani Bose

Com. R. L. Bhattacharya, Ex-General Secretary, NFPE

Com. Manab Sharma, Secretary, Central Govt. Pensioners Association , west Bengal Circle

Com. Pijus Roy, Secretary, CGCC, West Bengal

Com. Goutam Kundagrami, Circle Secretary, Postal Worker's Union, West Bengal Circle

Com. Pijus Roy, Com. Sumitra Goswami, Com. Pradip Gupta, Com. Subhas Chakraborty & others

Com. Tapan Dasgupta, President, CGCC, West Bengal , Com. Manoj Kumar Sahoo, Circle Financial Secretary, Com. Aparash Lahiri, Circle Secretary, R-III, Com. Somnath Goswami, Com. Uttam Paul, Com. Sourav Bhunia, Secretary, East Kolkata Divn. Com. Adhir Das, & others were also present there.

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