Tuesday, December 1, 2015


    Comrade Somnath Goswami, our leader who has discharged his responsibilities as Circle Office Bearer for almost last 30 years, has retired on superannuation yesterday, the 30th November 2015. He was employed in South Kolkata Division.

     Com. Somnath da was one of the Assistant Circle Secretaries of Group-C Union till the last committee, and quit his post for inclusion of new comrades in Suri Circle Conference. He was always available at the call of Circle Union, and on innumerable occasions he accompanied and guided Circle Secretaries through three decades in different forums of discussions with Circle Administration. Even being the seniormost Circle Office Bearer, he was exceptionally humble, polite and cordial to all new-comers. During the final years of service, as a loyal student of trade union, he has taken up the task of being trained to act as Defence Assistant in disciplinary cases, which he will continue.

  Behind the curtain, Com. Somnath Goswami happens also to be an avid practiser of Bengali literature, music and cultural activities. 

Com. Somnath Goswami after being felicitated during Suri Circle Conference on 03.11.2015.

   We shall miss his presence at office and formal operations of organisation, but surely he will be available for us all in organisation as mentor. We thank him sincerely for his long commitment and wish him a happy retired but busy organisational life. 

    On the day of retirement, he assured his company for us in two lines, written by him on the wall of his FB profile ----

 কর্মক্ষেত্র দিয়েছে বিদায় ছুটি কি আর হয় !

রইব সাথে রাখব অটুট বন্ধুর পরিচয়..

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