Thursday, September 11, 2008

Employ Our Entire Strength To Make The Demonstrations Of 11th And 19th September 2008 Huge Success

The West Bengal Circle Unions have called upon to hold a recess hour demonstration on 11.09.2008 in all divisions and units demanding settlement of 8 point charter of demands on circle level issues. The text of the savingram has already been sent to our divisional leadership.
The Federation has called upon to hold powerful demonstration on 19.09.2008 on the demand of raising bonus ceiling to Rs.3500/- with other demands. Savingram to be sent to Finance Minister as " ANNOUNCE IMMEDIATE ENHANCEMENT OF BONUS CEILING TO ALL CG EMPLOYEES AS PER THE AMENDED BONUS ACT " .
Also the Confederation has called to observe the day as 'Strike Declaration Day' and popularise the 18 point charter of demands. The charter is available at .
Our comrades are requested to employ fullest strength to make these programs successful.

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