Saturday, September 4, 2010


     By now, our preparation for the ensuing strike on 7th September is in the peak. All Divisional & Branch Unions have conducted campaigning through general body, working committee, zonal committee meetings, street corners etc. The Circle Unions have attended in most of these meetings. Street corners have been arranged by Circle Unions with tablo in front of all prominent offices in Kolkata city. A huge rally convened by the CG Coordination Committee walked through the roads of Kolkata yesterday. Comrades of Telecom, Rail, Civil Defence, Income Tax, Posts, Banking & Insurance sectors participated in the rally.
     We are confident that the strike will be observed by the working class of West Bengal by discharging their organisational responsibility properly.

     We are aware that the local administrations have issued orders citing authorities of C.O. or Dte. asking the non-strikers to submit willingness to work within 6th September so that they can 'differentiate between strikers & non-strikers and provide the service to customers with the help of non-strikers'.

     A small fraction of staff in our Circle belonging to other federation may submit such application. In fact, you all know that their strength is limited within 3 or 4 divisions. Our duty will remain to convince their members that the demands placed through this strike are related to the existence of the poor & middle-class workers of the country. And after all other types of movements like submission of memorandum, rally, demonstration, hunger fast etc., when the government did not pay any heed to our urges, we had no way to threaten the government by this ultimate action. That is why nine Central Trade Unions of all major political parties have jointly notified the strike or supported it.
     Although we are not affiliated to any of these trade unions controlled by political parties, we always chose our friends by carefully watching who came forward to stand by the side of Central Government Employees during struggles. From our experience, we know them. 

     That is why our Federation, representing the Postal employees by vast majority, has decided to participate in this strike. A class-conscious organisation cannot refrain itself from struggle when it becomes a question. For the same reason, organisations in Banks, Insurance, School Teachers & non-teaching staff, College Professors' Association & non-teaching staff ---- have decided to participate in the strike although they all are not affiliates of the conveners of the strike, the 9 Central Trade Unions ---- INTUC, CITU, AITUC, AICCTU, UTUC, HMS, LPF, AIUTUC etc, supported by BMS.

     We also remember the role of the leadership confusing a small section of staff. We have seen their birth breaking the 1968 strike, withdrawal of strike during glorious 14 days strike in the year 2000, their abstinence from strike on 17-18 December 2008 demanding effect of ED Pay Commission, their unwilling roles and clear announcements in divisions like Midnapore, Purulia not to participate in the Indefinite Postal Strike from 13th July 2010 called jointly by NFPE & FNPO (JCA).
    The question is --- what is their stand? They do not dare to say that they do not support the demands of the strike like putting a halt to price-rise, or observe 8-hour a day labour law, or fill up all vacant posts. If they do not support the form of movement like 'strike', do they have any alternative suggestion? All other types have been tried and exhausted without result. Can 9 Central Trade Unions with years-long experience, be so much wrong in perception of the nerves of the oppressed and deprived labourers?

    We are with them. We are with our brothers & sisters of the working class. We are happy and proud that all the Central Leaders could come up together with this strike and we, by all means, will remain faithful with our Federation. That is our answer to the crisis and attack unleashed by the Central Government on the working class of the country.

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