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PF-1(e)/03/2010 Dated 08.03.2010

All Office Bearers of NFPE
All General Secretaries of Affiliated Unions / Associations
All Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions with a request to circulate to all branches

Dear Comrades,

The Federal Secretariat of NFPE has met on 3rd March 2010 and decided to hold the next Federal Council of NFPE in New Delhi in the month of June 2010. After considering the feasibility of holding it some other circle and taking into account of all the factors including the time constraint, requirement of collection of funds for holding the Council etc, the Secretariat has decided that the Headquarters itself will hold the Federal Council in the Capital City with the cooperation of all Circles and Divisions and Branches of our great organisation.

Make it another Milestone

You are aware that every Session of the Federal Council of our Federation since its inception as NFPE and since the historical existence as NFPTE was always  very important and our sessions had led to several historic decisions that set the tone of the entire movement of Postal Employees in a particular direction and course. Even the decisions arrived at in our Federal Council sessions had impacted the decisions of the entire Confederation of Central Government Employees movement in the past. In that background, we are confident that the ensuing 8th Federal Council of NFPE will also become a milestone in the history of Postal Employees movement. We meet in the background of stark advancement in some areas but with unresolved issues in some other areas. The Federal Council will consider in depth the whole scenario and will arrive at direction for our future march forward.
Venue and Preparations

The venue of the Federal Council is fixed at the Muktadhara Air-conditioned Auditorium with 200 seated capacities in Gole Market area of New Delhi keeping in mind the summer climate in the capital at that time. The ambience of the auditorium will provide a nice atmosphere for deep discussion on all issues by the members of Federal Council. Arrangement for stay with proper room and bedding with north & south Indian food for all Federal Councillors and Visitors are being made. Leaders of Trade Unions Centres and Central and State Government Employees movement will address the inaugural session of the Council. 

Advertisements for Souvenir for raising Funds to hold the Council

To meet out the expenditure of the Federal Council and to commemorate the historic occasion, it has been decided to bring out a colourful souvenir. The Secretariat requests all Circle and Divisional / Branch Secretaries to extend total cooperation by procuring maximum number of advertisements from each division / branch. Direct cash donations to the Federal Council of NFPE from branches and divisions are also requested. Tariff for advertisement is under preparation and will be despatched to all shortly. A 20% discount on the tariff amount for procuring advertisements by the branches and divisions will be allowed. Without the cooperation of circles and divisions this huge task of holding the federal council will not be possible. NFPE headquarters pins its confidence on the circles and divisions and branch unions that they will rise up to the occasion in a befitting manner.


The Secretariat reviewed the decision for holding joint circle council meetings and the inability of several circles in holding the same due to their preoccupation with the hectic re-verification campaign under way in their circles. It has been therefore decided that those circles who desire to continue their own programmes for this task may be permitted to follow their own programmes. However, the Secretariat calls upon all Circle Secretaries to take a close look into the activities of all divisions and branches under them and guide them in proper way to overcome any weakness visible. It is not an exaggeration that in some circles our own organisational weaknesses are impacting on the task of collecting maximum declaration forms from members. We should not lag behind in our task of emerging as the single largest organisation in each cadre. All P3 leaders are requested to extend a helping hand for our 'All India Postal SBCO Employees Association' in its task of emerging as a vital organisation. Recently the SBCO Association has got a booster in the decision of Indian Postal SBCO Staff Association merging to a form a stronger Association for the interests of SBCO Cadre. Tell every employee that without a stronger NFPE it would not be possible to rein in the bureaucracy that wants to do everything unilaterally and arbitrarily. The future of postal employees will be safe only by further strengthening the NFPE Unions and Associations.

National Anomaly Committee Meeting

National Anomaly Committee meeting official minutes has been released without incorporating certain corrections desired by the Staff Side. On important issues like grant of one increment in the pre-revised scale of pay on 1.1.2006 for all those employees whose increment falls between February and June; and Fixing the pay of senior Promotee employees at least on the level of pay recommended for direct recruited employees after 1.1.2006, we could see the official side not much interested to bring about solutions. The Railway Department in the meanwhile issued an order for stepping up the pay of such seniors to the level of new recruits if any entered into service after 1.1.2006 but denied the benefit if no new recruitment was made in the cadre after 1.1.2006. NFPE has taken up the issue with the Confederation for appropriate action. Meanwhile, the next meeting of National Anomaly Committee is likely to be held on 27.03.2010.

Departmental Anomaly Committee Meeting

The Departmental Anomaly Committee Meeting Minutes are under circulation for finalisation. It has been agreed to by the Committee to fix the Grade pay of BCR Group D at the level of 1900 GP from 1.1.2006. It has been agreed to for taking up with the Nodal Ministry for treating the Special Allowance of PO&RMS Accountants as part of basic pay while pay fixation but otherwise the higher pay for PO&RMS has not been accepted as an anomaly. Many issues we raised are turned down on the grounds that they are not anomaly of 6th pay commission. The parity with Telecom Assistants for TBOP and BCR scale of pay is not accepted except for assurance that the department will examine the higher pay for LSG Supervisor outside the Anomaly Committee. Technical Postal Assistant issue is turned down as it has been declared as a dying cadre and converted into a PA Cadre but assured that the issue may be taken up for consideration outside the Anomaly Committee. The Anomaly Committee accepted to recommend higher pay for Drivers on par with the Postmen / Mailguard to DOPT. The Staff Side is writing to the Chairman Anomaly Committee for inclusion of higher pay scales for Artisans also along with Drivers since the understanding of the Anomaly Committee about the direction of the Madras High Court seems to be incorrect. Data Entry Operator issue is also not accepted as an anomaly of 6th CPC since there is no official existence of the cadre in DoP. Parity between PO Treasurer and RMS Cashiers will be taken up with Nodal Ministry. Higher Pay for Sorters in DAP also not agreed to as an anomaly. System Administrators and Marketing Executives issue is also not agreeable to be termed as anomaly. The final Minutes on release by the Chairman will be circulated through website shortly.

Meeting with the Health Ministry

A meeting was scheduled by the Health Secretary but due to his absence the Joint Secretary who is in charge of CGHS took the meeting with the JCM National Council Staff Side on 3.3.2010. A further meeting will also take place shortly. NFPE has requested the Confederation to raise the issue of merger of Postal Dispensaries with the CGHS with the Joint Secretary for early approval. We have also requested for hospitalisation treatment for non-CGHS CSMA pensioners in authorised hospitals etc.  Highlights of the meeting took by the Joint Secretary on 3.3.2010 was that tenders have been floated for recognizing super specialty hospitals and hospitals for general diseases; the suggestion of staff side for appointing specialist doctors on contract basis until regular appointments stands accepted and orders under issue; Orders issued for approved firms for local purchase of ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines. The Joint Secretary told that the Committee of Secretaries has agreed to allow P&T Pensioners for CGHS dispensaries in CGHS Cities only and that the issue of enhancement of FMA from 100 to 500+DA is forward and the proposal is pending before the Expenditure Secretary. The issue of enhancement of dependency criterion to 1500 is sent to Committee of Secretaries and the same would be expedited. Health check up of over 40 years CGHS beneficiaries started in south zone and the same would be extended soon to Delhi. The Official side declined to include acute renal failure in the disability list and for reducing the exorbitant CGHS rate of subscription.  Full details of discussion are available in our website.

Observance of  Postal JCA Programme

The Programme of Postal JCA for a demonstration in front of the Parliament had been observed in Delhi. The reports from Circles about the adherence of the programme and sending speed post letters to Hon'ble MOC&IT are yet to come. The culture of sending reports about holding of the programmes called by headquarters is yet to develop among circles and branches. While the communication link from headquarters is maintained well through websites and circulars etc, the channels for sending feedback from below are to be streamlined.

Formation of Casual Labourers Union

As per the decision of the Confederation and Federal Executive of NFPE casual labourers union consisting of all types of casual labourers and contingent workers and daily rated Mazdoors are to be formed in all circles. Only West Bengal and Andhra Circles have formed the unions. Some other circles are on the job and expected to be completed soon. Let us have a target of forming the Casual labourers union in the month of May immediately after completion of the Re-verification process. An All India Union for the Casual labourers is to be founded by the end of May 2010 and the possibilities of holding the first all India conference in West Bengal is under consideration. All Circle Secretaries are requested to take full interest and form the casual labourers union in their respective circles at the earliest.

With fraternal Greetings,

Comradely Yours,


Secretary General


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