Monday, June 21, 2010


      Com. Mojaharul Haque, GDSBPM, Machkhanda B.O. in Burdwan Division is our active member since long. Before the membership re-verification this year, another Federation of our department approached him for membership. Being denied strongly by the comrade, that Federation did not hesitate to mount pressure on him through various measures like bringing in political influences by local miscreants.

       When all their pressures went in vain, they chose a different way. The political party involved to create pressure on him ordered him to pay Rs.5000/- fine in their usual way followed widely in Maoist areas. The family of the comrade boldly ignored the mandate. Being dejected, they finally attacked Com. Haque and had him beaten & injured severely. 

         Com. Haque remained hospitalised for few days and released on 17th June 2010. We do not have adequate language to condemn this dreadful activity & the Federation which actually was behind it. We are sure that the Postal Fraternity will stand against these obvious 'changes' in coming days and resist it by consolidation. It is our experience that there are very few instances like Barasat & Burdwan which are coming into lights, there are far more political hooliganism are taking place and many of our members are either paying paying heavy money or had to take shelter outside home-village to avoid attacks.

        All divisional leadership is requested to hold condemnation meeting against the incident and adopt the following resolution demanding administrative action & protection. The copies of the resolution are to be sent to the Chief PMG & the Circle Unions.

           This meeting of the employees of .......... division / unit strongly condemns the attack on Mohajarul Haque, GDSBPM, Machkhanda B.O. under Burdwan Division by local miscreants. It is being observed that members of NFPE at different places are being threatened and physically assaulted purposefully. This, in one hand, is creating  serious repercussions & unrest among the staff, while on the other, the normal functioning of the remote offices are being hampered and intervened by local goons at many places. At some places, such miscreants even are mounting threats to handover the NREGS money to them.

       Be it resolved that this meeting is noting with grave concern that the departmental administration is totally inactive & indifferent to take any action to save the staffs or the office property although it would hamper the interests of the public served by us. The administration is completely shirking its moral responsibility to take care of the well-being of the employees.

         This meeting resolves to declare that if administration at all levels fail to assess the severity of the situation and still remains inactive, the staffs under the banner of NFPE, will not hesitate to launch vehement movement demanding protection for the staffs & office properties.

                                                                                     (Sig. of the President)       


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