Sunday, January 30, 2011


               Our comrades are well in knowledge of the long deprivation of the Part-Time & Contingent-paid workers of Dept of Posts. Wages of all categories of employees have been revised through the 6th Pay Commission & GDS Committee. But the Central Govt, despite several sorts of communications and movements, did not show any sympathy to the justified and legitimate demands of wage revision to the Part-time & Contingent-paid workers of our department. Rather, many orders have been issued during this time with the clear intention to abolish their posts gradually.
                   In these days of consistently steep price-rise, neither their wage has been revised, nor their Dearness Allowance is increased since July 2008. They are working by our side watching us to enjoy the increased D.A. & wage.
                     NFPE has called upon us to hold two programs on 10.02.2011 & 03.03.2011 protesting the reluctance and delay in granting the justified financial benefits to these colleagues. On 10th Feb, all divisions will hold demonstrations at their headquarters and on 3rd March, a demonstration will be floored at Yogayog Bhaban (Circle Office). 

                        All organisers are requested to prepare and observe the above programs with due importance and provide necessary assistance to the divisional Part-time organisation to mobilise. 

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