Sunday, June 12, 2011


                 As per the call of the Postal JCA comprising of NFPE, FNPO, AIPEDEU & NUGDS, we are preparing to launch indefinite strike from 5th July 2011. On 14th this month, strike notice will be served. We shall also demonstrate at all divisions and serve strike intimation to respective divisional heads.
                   The text of the letter to be submitted to the divisional heads is given below.
   The SSPOs / SPOs
   ------------------- Division.

       Sub: Indefinite postal strike from 5th July  -----  intimation thereof.

Dear Sir,
              This is for your information that at the call of Postal JCA (comprising of NFPE, FNPO & GDS unions) all cross-sections of postal employees are going to an indefinite strike on & from 5th July 2011 on 25-point charter of demands.
                   So, all staffs of this division will act as per the call of Postal JCA on & from 05.07.11. Strike notice alongwith charter of demands have been served by the Postal JCA before the Secretary, Dept of Posts, New Delhi, a copy of which is attached herewith.
                      Thanking you,
                                                            Yours faithfully,
   Enclo: As above.
                                       ______________       _______________        ______________
                                        Secretary, P-ED    Secretary, & MSE    Secretary. Gr-C

  Comrades are requested to download & print the copies of strike notice & CoD from the following links :

                         Please incorporate the aspect of the report submitted on 7th June 2011 by the committee on National Small Savings Schemes headed by Smt. Shyamala Gopinath, Dy. Governor, RBI. 
                       The committee has recommended the Govt to abolish Kishan Vikas Patra on the plea that 'small savings' are targeted for investments of 'small' scales, not for lump investments like KVP. Also they have advised to again stop the 5% bonus on maturity of MIS and make it 5 years tenor instead of 6 years. These two recommendations, if accepted by the Finance Ministry, will be having disastrous effect on the work of Post Offices as a huge number of customers will move away. It is also a great threat to the middle class & pensioners as they will loose a good amount of interest from the secured window of post offices.
                             Though there are recommendations of raising interests slightly in POSB, RD, Time Deposits (obviously the latter is still not at par with the FDs in banks) and raising the ceiling of annual deposit of PPF, the blow that would hit our establishment through the recommendations narrated in the foregoing para, could not be healed.
                           So, we do not have any option but to protest vehemently against such conspiracy against the working class. We also have an imperative duty to make people aware of this during our strike campaign. 
                   Finally, the Circle Union requests all the organisers to prepare well before campaigning on the Charter of Demands. NFPE has blogged exhaustively on the activities of Mckinsey and other issues. The moment needs all loopholes to be eradicated, this fight is going to be a tough one.   

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