Tuesday, August 28, 2012

      Comrades are already aware of the situation developing after installation and functioning of Automated Mail Processing Centre (AMPC) at Airport Sorting Kolkata, circulated through our journals, circulars and discussed in meetings.
       The demonstration called jointly by NFPE and FNPO Group of Circle Unions yesterday at Yogayog Bhavan was a great success both in terms of participation and spirit. The obvious intention of the department of installation of AMPC is to downsize the RMS severely. Already Kolkata RMS is seriously affected. Though the sufficient staff strength is is available to be deployed at doing the work of segregation, purposefully the work has been outsourced. The assurance of the Circle Administration that the outsourcing would be withdrawn within a month has turned up to be futile. As in the entire process, public service was adversely affected and the interest of the staffs as well as the department was being detrimented, we had no option but to put a halt to it. The new mail schedule resulted from this system also added to the pain of the staff and is delaying the delivery.
     Accordingly from yesterday, both NFPE and FNPO demonstrated at C.O. and the arrangement of outsourcing at AP Stg has been halted. The leaderships have decided to launch series of movement throughout the circle as per the following program:
     At the call of NFPE and FNPO Circle Unions ---
28.8.12meeting at Airport Sorting at 1:30 P.M. in presence of all Circle Secretaries.
29.8.12 : Lunch hour demonstration in all divisional headquarters of Postal, RMS, DA(P), C.O., DPLI. A resolution from the demonstration is to be adopted and sent to the Circle Head and the PMG (MM) demanding implementation of demands placed through joint memorandum dated 24.08.2012 submitted by NFPE & FNPO, West Bengal Circle.
29.8.12 : From the same date, daily demonstration will be floored at Yogayog Bhavan jointly by Circle NFPE & FNPO on the same demand.
Public Propaganda : meetings are to be held at office gates, counters and other public places to form mass awareness among people regarding the adverse effects of the new mail schedule, delayed delivery due to the new system and increasing unemployment that will result from downsizing of RMS.
  All Comrades are requested to jump into action with all seriousness to seriously fight the attack with the unity of NFPE & FNPO as manifested by both the Circle Unions.  

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