Wednesday, December 12, 2012


          The strike called by the Confederation in the Central Govt Departments in the country has set another history as the comrades and compatriots protested the anti-people anti-worker action and policies of the Central Govt through massive participation and a strike of grand success. 
      Our comrades took up exhaustive efforts since last few months for the success of the strike and held countless meetings throughout the circle in different shapes and forms. The pain and agony of the workers have been reflected today through spontaneous participation in the strike.
               As the strike approached, there were floods of misleading news, malign and false propaganda against it. Today, literally the Postal service in West Bengal Circle came to a halt as our brave comrades appeared in front of the offices with slogans, banners and festoons from the morning, as early as 7 A.M. The presence and support of the senior leaders and comrades of Pensioners' Association like Com. R.L.Bhattacharya, Com. Binoy Chakraborty, Com. Manab Sen Sharma encouraged us. Comrade Shib Sankar Roy was day long busy in travelling in different offices and encouraging comrades of far-flung offices over phone.  
          In Kolkata City Divisions, the strike was remarkable as usual. Kolkata GPO was completely paralysed. Police Force was posted there and created pressure, but our dedicated comrades ignored it. No TD plied today from Kolkata RMS.  At Circle Office, only 12 members of other organisations joined at work, none else. In suburban divisions, the strike was even better than the one on 28th February. In North Bengal Region, the strike was successful despite presence of police and political interference. In Sikkim and Andaman, the strike was 100%.   
          At many offices, local political miscreants made the Police to come to our offices with the intention to fail the strike. At Jalpaiguri, Purulia, Kalyani H.O., Kolkata GPO Police came and tried to disperse the gathering of our comrades, but the courageous and daunting comrades remained firm and continued the strike and achieved success. 
        In divisions like Tamluk, Contai, Midnapore, Bankura, Purulia where political atrocities and vindications are frequent, comrades did not budge despite facing threats and attacks. In Tamluk, Com. Sambhunath Ghorai, Vice-President, Divl P-IV Union, was manhandled. In Nadia South Division, while conducting the strike at Kalyani, Divl Gr-C Secretary Com. Kaushik Roy and Com. Anup Biswas were manhandled by local political goons. These miscreants stayed there day long with continuous provocation, but our comrades continued the strike at Kalyani.                 
        It is our experience today that though a section of administration conspired in connivance with anti-strike and anti-movement pro-government organisations in our department and during the strike, manifested their intentions through intrigues of variety, they failed to rally even their own membership. A large part of postal workers, though not our members, expressed their support to the 15-point demands openly and did not open their office. We also felt that a large part of the administration was convinced about the justification of the demands and were sympathetic to the plights of the workers.
        Massive strike was noted in Income Tax and Central Excise departments. Good strike had been recorded in Central Form Stores and Stationary. We also noted that branches of many Nationalised Banks and Insurance Offices displayed banners in support of today's strike.     
        Circle Union congratulates all Divisional and Branch Secretaries, our brave and sacrificing comrades, Fraternal Organisations, our compatriots and supporters of the strike in West Bengal who contributed immensely for its grand success. Dedication of our leaders, united response of our members have shown today our readiness for the bigger strike on 20-21 February 2013 strike.
           But the immediate task is to carry the news of success of this strike and bravery of our comrades to the farthest office. All Divl / Branch Secretaries are requested to congratulate and encourage all of our comrades by arranging tours to different offices and also by publishing leaflets. This is urgently required to hold the confidence and the spirit of the comrades high for preparation of stronger battle in coming days. 


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