Tuesday, June 18, 2013


        The Group-C Divisional Conference of North Kolkata Division, arranged at Ghughudanga Post Office on 16th June 2013, has been attacked and ransacked by political hooligans identifying themselves as belonging to the ruling political party of West Bengal. Some comrades have also been physically assaulted and injured on their way back to home.

            The hoodlums came into action after the open session, when the SSPOs, Notth Kolkata Divn, Sri M.K.Nag was still present among the comrades and Circle leadership. They tore up the Red Flag of NFPE, ransacked the Martyr Column garlanded with flowers. They had only one mandate --- no 'red' organisation cal hold their programs here. Though our comrades tried their best to make them understand that according to our constitution approved by the Central Govt, that conference had to be held, it was of no use as the miscreants had political vendetta. 

            The brave comrades of North Kolkata Division did not budge and still finished the conference, electing Com. Subhas Acharya as President and Com. Jayanta Malakar as the Secretary. While returning home, some of the comrades were again attacked by those miscreants and got severe injuries. FIR was filed by our Divl Union, but as usual, the police nowadays is the finest example of deaf and dumb spectators in the hands of this particular political party. Though the entire episode was witnessed by the Divl Administration, no administrative action has been reported so far.

                The Circle Unions request all the branch and divisional unions to hold demonstrations at each unit/ divl HQ on 20th June 2013 and submit a resolution in the following text  addressing the Chief Postmaste General, West Bengal Circle with copies to all regional PMsG.   

        'This demonstration expresses its deepest concern over the political attack on the Group-C Divl Conference of North Kolkata Divn on 16.06.2013 and condemns the administrative inaction even to protect the constitutional provisions set out by the Department itself. The administrative reluctance is sheltering the gradually increasing political interference inside our departmental operations and as a matter of fact, thus inviting more atrocities endangering the security of staffs and offices.

         This demonstration demands immediate appropriate and visible action on the parts of administrations of all tiers in West Bengal Circle so that there is no space left for such political interference and vendetta and such attackers also face suitable consequences. Be it further resolved that if the administration still remains reluctant to ensure adequate security for our staff-members all over the circle, it will only expedite vigorous trade union movement of any degree, responsibility of which will befall on the administration.' 

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