Monday, September 16, 2013


    Comrades, there is nothing new or unusual in it that for years the administration has subjected only our leaders and members to their biased vindication and victims of their free-will, as because it was and still is NFPE, and only NFPE, that has uncompromisingly fought against their atrocities, made their decisions change due to severe pressure of unity of postal comrades under the banner of NFPE.

    Such a wave of fresh efforts has recently been started by a section of the administration in West Bengal Circle again, and the target has been oriented in awarding the harshest punishment in disciplinary cases, which have been framed on manipulated stories connected to holding trade union movements. Ruling positions, guidelines for disposing disciplinary cases ---- everything has been pushed aside by them, such is the intensity of their bias. This issue of utilising disciplinary cases as a tool to suppress trade union movements has also been taken up by Confederation and included in the charter of demands. 

     As for example, cases of two comrades of North Presidency Division was suo moto reviewed by the DPS, Kolkata Region, after disposal by disciplinary authority. It was the case where an allegation was raised that the SSPOs, North Presy was physically assaulted while he was being escorted by Police from Divl Office amidst a Dharna program by our Divl Union. Who would believe that there was an assault while he was surrounded by police? Punishment was given by disciplinary authority ignoring all arguments and evidences in our favour. But the DPS, Kolkata Region was not entirely happy. To satisfy his personal vendetta against NFPE as since his joining, we protested his irregularities and discourteous attitude, he issued a show-cause notice to enhance punishment, and even when a Review Petition is pending with the Circle Head, he has dared to award punishment of compulsory retirement to these two comrades!

       Kolkata GPO has cited another instance. Some unpleasant incidents took place at the chamber of the Director, Kolkata GPO, two years back while holding a union demonstration program. Though Rule-37 transfer orders were issued against two comrades, after the intervention and negotiation of Circle Unions, backed by strong movements of GPO-comrades, the administration refrained itself from implementing those orders. The situation was normalised on mutual understanding. But as those orders were not cancelled in pen & papers, a section of Circle administration has now become hyperactive to implement it. 

       Not only that, in different divisions, Divl Heads have started awarding punishment orders without giving reasonable opportunity of self-defence. In Rule-16, punishment orders have been awarded immediately after the charged officials have requested to inspect document as per rule. Article 311 of Constitution has been maligned, provisions of Rule-16 have been ignored. This has happened in Tamluk Division,Coochbehar Division and South Hooghly Division,Kolkata AP Stg etc. Often cause-and-effect relation of the irregularity/loss and the charge is not clearly narrated in the statement of imputation, defence arguments are not countered in punishment orders. Evidently, such officers are either ignorant of rules, or they are acting as per dictum of higher ranks. 

       The intention is very clear. As NFPE is the strongest united force and constantly pointing out administrative lacunae, irregularities, holding continuous programs to achieve various staff demands, the members of NFPE must be morally discouraged, made panicky and pacified so that postal trade union movement in West Bengal Circle is weakened.
       WE DEFY THAT. NFPE has seen too many administrative attacks to retreat. NFPE has the legacy of sacrifice and combat. We cannot let such whips reign in our circle, cannot allow such unreasonable, blind bias to control our movements and fates. Our reply will be in programs with much more intensity, much more spirit, much more unity and NO REST TILL SUCH VINDICATIONS ARE WITHDRAWN. 

       The Postal Coordination Committee has called to hold protest demonstrations at all divisions on 18th or 19th September 2013 and send resolution in the text below to the Chief PMG and concerned Regional PMG, through fax/speed post (fax no. of Ch.PMG 033-2212-0811). All affiliates of NFPE, W.B.Circle have to campaign, organise and hold this program. This program will culminate in a demonstration program at Circle Office on 20th September 2013 at 1:30 P.M. All divisions of Kolkata city and neighbouring divisions including RMS/MMS, DAP, DPLI will mobilise maximum comrades to Circle Office on that day.

NFPE Group of Unions
________________ Division / Unit

      This huge demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions, .......... division/unit takes an exceptionally grave note of the recent administrative attack on postal employees, particularly on members of NFPE out of complete bias, like in passing orders of compulsory retirement in North Presidency Division on charges based on concocted stories. Same nature of vindictive intention is also being exhibited in case of Kolkata GPO and Kolkata Airport Sorting. The administration is evidently abusing the scopes of disciplinary cases to make the solidarity of trade union movement fall apart. 
      This demonstration further notes that a particular section of administration is patronising and persuading such maligned practice in our circle and therefore, requests the Circle Head to intervene and restrict this part of the administration which is actually working against the peaceful environment and harmony between the administration and the staff-side.
      Be it further resolved that if any effective and visible action is not noted within a reasonable time, series of vehement trade union movements will be launched circle-wide with unprecedented intensity.

(signature of the president of the demonstration) 

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