Sunday, December 15, 2013


Bangalore GPO is launching a new service ‘Post Shoppe’ in Karnataka Circle. This has been in existence in Postal services earlier also. This is a new venture to enhance the pleasure and purpose of visit to India Post Office by esteemed customers thereby satisfying their other needs too while they are at business with us.

The Post Shoppe is basically aimed at bringing various items of selected consumer utility products on sale under one roof at Bangalore GPO. The Post Shoppe is now initially designed for the stationery products, philately frames, books from National Book Trust in Kannada, Hindi and English, coffee mugs with zodiac designs on it, light refreshments, beverages like coffee, tea, boost etc, envelopes, Greeting cards, HMT watches, Delight Solar lamps, Xerox, etc. The Post Shoppe is designed with a capacity for vertical and horizontal expansion.

All products available in the Post Shoppe are for sale on MRP rates only.

It is also proposed to expand on the basis of feedback from the customers on their needs and also to create a platform for various organizations if approached with the approval of Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, Bangalore 560001.

This is a Karnataka Circle endeavor to provide a shelf for the intellectual, aesthetic and utility products for the customer’s benefit. The Post Shoppe will be operated by Manager Post Shoppe. The primary objective of this Post Shoppe is Customer delight.

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