Thursday, April 17, 2014

      A group of newly selected P.A.s, who are awaiting induction training and appointment letter, had a discussion with Com. Janardan Majumder, Circle Secretary, Group-C, yesterday at Yogayog Bhavan. All candidates and our organisation are anxious over the issue of delay in their process of joining. So far the department did not make response to our union's demand to relax the rule like previous two years and allow the selected candidates' joining imparting in-house training, as the Police Verification Report usually takes lot of time to come. This year, the PVR is even more delayed due to Loksabha Election. 
      The Circle Secretary has discussed elaborately on each point and mentioned that our Circle Union and All India Union (Central Headquarters) have written letters to the Directorate on this issue (letters were already displayed in this blog). However, this Circle Union also thinks that West Bengal Circle Administration has also some laxity dealing with this issue and could have done better assessing the situation realistically.
       As the election process has already started in our State, it has been decided in the discussion that immediately after the polls, the Circle Union will  meet the candidates again and vigorously pursue the matter. A resolution will be submitted to the circle administration demanding solution to this impasse. The selected candidates present in the discussion has taken the responsibility of preparing the draft of the resolution sharing opinions with all others who could not attend yesterday. 
      All are invited to come up with their suggestions in this regard.    

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