Wednesday, June 11, 2014


  As our staff-members are continuously facing different types of problems which are not redressed despite of series of discussions, letters and negotiations with all tiers of administrations, and also as a section of administration is going happy-hunting without minimum respect or concern to departmental rules, for which our employees are falling victims, the meeting of available Circle Office bearers and divl secretaries on 10.06.2014, has decided to hold a demonstration in all units and divisions on Friday, 13.06.2014, at recess hours. A resolution (text given below) has to be adopted from the program and be sent to Chief PMG, W.B.Circle.

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C
All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & MTS
All India Postal Employees Union-GDS(NFPE)
___________________________  Divl Branch

Resolution dated 13.06.2014.
      This joint demonstration of NFPE Group of Unions, ____ Division expresses deep anguish and resentment against the intolerable administration apathy towards innumerable types of staff problems and limitless reluctance to settle those despite several requests, negotiations and correspondences. Even the decisions taken and/or implemented beyond departmental rules are not cancelled/modified and higher administration appears to protect such malpractices. Our members are becoming victims almost in all cases purposefully and the whole environment in West Bengal Circle suggests a reign of administrative anarchy.
        Under this situation, this demonstration sternly protests present administrative inaction to settle staff problems and victimisation of our members in different forms and places the following demands for immediate action on them, failing which series of movements with appropriate intensity will start taking place circle-wide.
  1. Stop trade union victimisation, particularly in cases like North Presidency, Kolkata GPO, Tamluk etc.  
  2. Stop favouritism, biased and motivated activity of a section of administration in the name of tenure transfer memo. Follow Directorate guidelines and cancel irregular tenure transfer memo in Malda Division and modify in North Hooghly, Burdwan, Murshidabad, Darjeeling and Tamluk Divisions.
  3. Initiate departmental inquiry and suitable probe against irregularities/ biased activities/ corruptions committed by Sri Somnath Pal, SPOs, Coochbehar Divn, Sri S.Hazra, SPOs, Tamluk Divn and Sri R.N.Majumder, former SPOs, North Hooghly Divn.  
  4. Stop awarding punishments disproportionate to offence. Scrap all disciplinary cases with procedural lapses and set aside biased punishments orders of heavy quantum for same offence to our members only in North Hooghly Division.
  5. Award exemplary punishment immediately to the present ASPOs(HQ), Malda division for committing sexual harassment.
  6. Fill up all vacant GDS posts. Hold DPC for promotion from GDS to MTS/Postmen cadres.
  7. Pursue the case of drawing D.A. for part-time employees w.e.f. July 2008 and implementation of recommendation of 5th CPC for their wage revision.
  8. Fill up 25% vacant MTS posts from eligible part-time employees.
  9. Immediate joining of successful outsider PA candidates for the year 2011-12 and LGO candidates for the year 2012 through in-house/induction training.
  10. Grant MACP as per Dte. guidelines to all entitled staffs and dispose all pending cases, particularly in Jalpaiguri, Asansol and Coochbehar divisions.
  11. Formation of SBCO cluster as per Directorte guideline.
  12. Ensure prompt and adequate supply of stationeries and good quality hardware and maintenance-backup through AMC.
  13.  Arrange to draw TRCA for the period of January to March 2013 to 25 GDS employees in South Hooghly division.
  14. Fill up departmental quota vacancy in respect of Postmen/Mailguard from 2011 onwards immediately.
  15. Fill up MTS vacancies from GDS employees on seniority basis from 2011 onwards.
  16. Stop harassment of Postmen in the name of impractical 100% delivery of speed post articles.
  17. Withdraw order of merging of Business Office, Howrah with RMS B.O.
                                                             (Signature of the President)
N.B. : 
  1. Divisions may add additional local issues to the above if required, but in brief.
  2. LGO passed candidates, waiting for training and appointment, must join the demonstration program.
  3. All Divisions and Circle Unions had repeated  negotiations and issued detailed letters on the above problems to all tiers of administration. The rank and file of Postal employees are requested to start preparing for a movement of unprecedented intensity to achieve our demands and get rid of the pains.  

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