Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Darjeeling GDS convention held on 04.11.2014

     Thanks to the comrades of Darjeeling Divn., particularly the organizers of Darjeeling Hill area for conducting a great GDS CONVENTION at G. D. N. S. Hall, Darjeeling (near Darjeeling Head Post office). After a long gap such a nice, significant convention we are to experience at Darjeeling Hill are. Nearly 275 members/organizers (GDS and departmental from plane/hill) of Darjeeling Division took part in the convention.

     Com. Swaran Gurung presided over and Com. B. G. Sur, All India President & Circle Secretary, GDS(NFPE) inaugurated the convention. From Circle Union, Com. Janardan Majumder, Com. Manoj Shaw, Com. Nanda Sen, Com. Krishna Rai and K. P. Sharma attended the convention and addressed on different burning issues of GDS as well as regular employees. Com. Sima Gurang has played role of the coordinator of the convention. Leadership like Vim Thapa, Dipak Mahanta, Sarbada Ghatraj, Narbu Sherpa, Dhiren Chetri, Rajkumar Pradhan, Asit Baran Das, Ashim Babu & Kuldwip were also present.
Members from plane attended the program while availing 3 hired buses. On the other hand, members/comrades from remote areas of hill took part in the said program.
Some of our employees of hill area, specially new entrants sang nicely. Arrangement and planning of the convention was very good and encouraging.
From the convention, all took oath that to save our department and also to strengthen of our organization we would fight united. Com. K. B. Chetri delivered his vote of thanks to all.    

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