Wednesday, May 20, 2015

                                                    NFPE Group of Unions & GDS (NFPE)


               This demonstration held under the banner of above organization and also under instruction of NFPE & GDS (NFPE), W.B.Circle, expresses deep anguish and resentment against the intolerable administrative apathy towards innumerable types of staff problems and limitless reluctance to settle them despite several requests, negotiations and correspondences followed by series of demonstration at different levels from time to time. Even service-oriented problems are remaining unsettled for long. As a consequence, both the service and the staff have been suffering a lot.
Under this situation, this demonstration strongly protests against present administrative inaction to settle staff problems and vindication to/ victimization of our members in different forms and places / divisions.
Today under the banner of NFPE & GDS(NFPE), we resolve to submit our minimum demands which need to be settled without further delay to avoid continuous and severe trade union action.

                                                                         MINIMUM   DEMANDS

1. Provide proper infrastructure in Post Offices/ RMS/ MMS Offices in the interests of overall Postal Services. Ensure working atmosphere including basic amenities in all post offices.

2. Immediate implementation of Dte’s communication no. 2-53/2011-PCC dated endorsed by CO letter no. EST/b/Z-04/Unions dated 30.01.2015, where in remuneration payable to full time Casual labour (other than temporary status/Part time casual labour/Workers engaged on contingent basis) has been ordered.
 Ensure regular payment of monthly wages and also at the rate fixed by Govt. to DRMs working in different  offices of our Department.

3. Stop favoritism, high-handedness, biased and motivated activity of a section of administration in the name of “administrative interest” during issuance of tenure transfer memo.

4. Stop administrative vindication of our employees/organizers/leadership in the name of disciplinary proceedings, sometimes even violating stipulated rules. Settle all disciplinary cases within timeframe.

5. Ensure Proper infrastructure during implementation and functioning of CBS --- End subsequent worries, miseries and sufferings of our staff and members of public. Provide justified compensation to the employees for detention beyond duty hours for CBS.

6. a) Cancel unilateral and unjustified decision of GM (PAF) reducing no. of PA section and merging of PA (Misc) Section.
     b)  Save DPLI office and maintain status quo in respect of staff strength.

7. Stop the process for issuing MMS schedule frequently and abolition of sections. Replace condemned mail motor vehicles by new ones. Stop harassment to the staff in mail offices in the name of ‘ floor clearance’.

8. Fill up of all vacant posts of Senior Manager, Assistant Manager, Skilled Artisans and Drivers etc in MMS.

9. Award exemplary punishment under existing law to the former officiating ASPOs (HQ). Malda Division, now working in Dinajpur Division for committing sexual harassment. Initiate proper fact-finding inquiry to investigate the written complaint of the bereaved family of Late Arindam Sarkar, deceased staff Kolkata GPO.

10. Fill up all vacant GDS posts. Hold DPC for promotion from GDS/Part time to MTS cadre.         

11. Open a Central Processing Centre at Yogayog Bhawan for smooth PLI/RPLI business also.  
12. Hold periodical meetings with service unions at all levels regularly and effectively.

13. Settle personal claims, specially medical claims in different divisions. Increase allotment of fund to clear bills/advances in time to support real-time medical need of the staffs.

14. Stoppage of unjustified combined duty in GDS cadre. Arrange to clear retiral benefits to GDS employees on the day of retirement or immediately in case of death in harness. 

15 a) Grant 100% compassionate appointment to the waiting dependants of decease employees in all cadres.
   b) Maintain constant liaison with Postal Directorate so that the present stalemate in case of recruitment in PA/SA cadre under the vacancy 2013-2014 is clinched within a short timeframe and our innocent candidates may join as early as possible. Resume the training which started in different divisions before issuance of Dte instruction dtd 27 April’2015 but unilaterally stopped by West Bengal Circle Office immediately after the instructions.               

Place :                                                                                          (President of the meeting)
Date: 22 May 2015.


1) The Chief Postmaster General
      West Bengal Circle
      Yogayog Bhawan,

2) The Postmaster General
    ………………… Region

3) ……………………….

4) Circle Union.

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