Monday, September 14, 2015


   All selected P.A.s of 2013-14 batch are requested to join us in the get together on Wednesday, 16th September, at 4 P.M. at the Circle Union office (37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue). 

   We are relieved and over-joyous just like you and your family with the clearance order for your joining, though a little formality is due. You all know that our Circle Union and whole NFPE family consistently fought for settlement of your issue and we were also mentally prepared to fight a legal battle, if required. Only hard days like these can identify friends, and we are sure that you have identified who stood by your side during these painful months as your true friend.

   Circle Union does not think the task is over. Our duty is not over till every fairly selected candidate joins in West Bengal. So, Circle Union wrote the above letter and submitted to the Chief PMG, West Bengal, for immediate processing of the verification as instructed by the Directorate and effect the joining even before the last date of verification, i.e., 31.10.2015. 

    At this point of time, we invite you all to join us in the GET TOGETHER on Wednesday. We shall also guide you regarding the verification now ordered. 




Unknown said...


1. It is submitted that so many candidate were suffering due to abeyance order for PA / SA 2014 issued on 27 Apr 2014 by Dept. of Post.

2. Recently, revoking of abeyance order issued by Dept in around ten circles in that Rajasthan circle is not included. The whole issue is resolved due to West Bengal Union efforts. you have raised this issue in priority and did tremendous job, which is highly appreciable.

3. It is my humble request please take up this matter to the Dak Bhawan in priority so the issue can be resolved at the earliest so candidate of Rajasthan Circle can also join the service without much delay.

Yours faithfully
Surya Singh
Mobile: 9462997799

Unknown said...

Correct Surya.
Not just Rajasthan, but all the remaining 5 circles should get it asap.

Unknown said...

I request you sir please fight for other 5 circle including uttrakhand circle.

Unknown said...

Tell me regarding the joining of other circle