Monday, February 8, 2016


  Finally.... National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) comprising of Confederation of Central Government Empl0yees and Workers with its affiliate organisations, Railway Union, Defence Employees has decided to proceed to strike protesting the Central Government inaction and reluctance to implement the pay revision through 7th CPC removing or modifying its anti-staff recommendations.

   Already this Pay Commission has been identified as the worst-ever Pay Commission this country has seen.  On top of it, the Govt has imposed several conditions on efforts of modifications even if concerned Departments agree and ready to recommend. Practically, by setting up two committees, Govt has made it almost impossible to bring about any change. Changes are only possible if Govt itself considers it as a charity. We certainly cannot accept that.

    Postal employees have even more grounds to go on an indefinite strike. The way of implementation of CBS and CIS has created a terrifying environment at offices. It is now clear that due to pressure from Central Govt, especially PMO, the entire drama is being staged. The events have already claimed, arguably, lives of some Postal employees at some Circles due to severe pressure and detention at office which aggravated their ailments. In the two-days Central Working Committee meeting of AIPEU Group-C (CHQ) at Chandigarh on 6-7 February 2016, All Circle Secretaries raised voices against Department's unilateral and unbelievable extortion of staffs to make CBS functional. The grievance was so strong that even the Pay Commission issues appeared secondary. We from West Bengal Circle strongly demanded country-wide cease-work and strike, even if other departments do not join. 

 Tomorrow, our Circle Unions are holding an extended Circle Working Committee wherein all Divisional Secretaries and Circle Office bearers will be present. We shall certainly finalise programs to protest against Circle Administration on our own issues as well as discuss the plan of making the strike an all-time record.

   Comrades, grievances are there, everybody is eager to protest the present Jungle-Raaj. Our task is to shape the grievance and protest to be manifested through the strike. So.... come on..... if they understand only in that way, let it be so.    

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