Thursday, April 14, 2016


    Comrades, this is the month of April, and our highest responsibility ---- submitting membership within 30th ---- is ahead of us. Please remember that this year only new membership forms are required to be submitted (i.e., forms of new candidates, forms for changing membership in favour of our organisation etc.). After submission, verification procedure will remain same, i.e., forms in respect of an employee submitted by both unions will be cancelled (if the signature is genuine) and he will remain a non-member. If any union arises complaint of faking the signature and submits written complaint by concerned staff, administration will conduct an inquiry and if it is proved that the signature is faked, the office-bearer who countersigned the form will loose the entitlements of a union office-bearer. After scrutiny, corrected lists will have to be displayed by Divl Head.

 For membership, the form released by Postal Directorate last year (2015) will have to be used. Please deploy maximum movement of our entire organisation towards obtaining the forms in advance and submit within time. It would be needless to remind our experienced and able comrades that the power of the working class depends first on its number. So, jump into action for the remaining days and reach each and every employee with the request to unify under the mighty banner of NFPE. 

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