Friday, March 27, 2020


COVID-19 : Administrative Inaction on Ensuring supply of PPEs Reagrding


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to cpmg_wb
Respected sir,
             Our unions have noted that since lock down has been imposed and it has been instructed by different authorities to continue basic postal service with skeletal number of staffs, almost every order contains the direction to use hand wash, mask, soap, sanitizer etc. The Control Room of our C.O. has also kept repeating the same words.
             Ironically, the Divisional Heads are also reciprocating the same words in their communications in divisions, while the fact is, these Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) are practically vanished from the market. So, postal employees are compelled to work without these items, or using their own hard-collected stock which they could have used for their family members. This is pathetic. Question is arising in our minds if this indifference is shown as we are lower level employees only.
            When the Central and the State, both Governments have identified postal service as ‘essential’ and exception from lock down, we don't understand as to why our Circle Office is not directly taking the matter up with the State Govt authorities, obtaining the requirement from the divisions, to supply these PPE items adequately. When these are not available in the market and it is known to everybody, reiterating the direction in every correspondence is nothing but a futile exercise and an effort to shirk responsibility.
            We strongly opine that the administration should take the matter up with the State Govt immediately so that our staffs who are working in post offices risking their lives, feel a little assured. Though we strongly believe that the present situation is not favourable for opening and keeping offices open, this action is required to ensure minimum protection to working staffs. The present action is nothing but transferring responsibility downwards in an insensitive and inhuman way.
             We prefer our circle administration to kindly think over it.

             Thanking you,
             Yours faithfully,

A.Biswas, Circle Secretary, Group-C
S.Chakraborty,  Circle Secretary, Postmen & MTS
T.Bhowmik,  Circle Secretary, GDS
S.Barua,  Circle Secretary, SBCO
S.Nandy,  Circle Secretary, R-III
D.Dey,  Circle Secretary, R-IV
S.Das,  Circle Secretary, Admin Union
S.Dey,  Circle Secretary, DA(P)

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