Wednesday, October 13, 2010


       We all are aware that the Circle Administration has put an embargo to the appointment to  some of the selected candidates in P.A. cadre against the vacancies for the years 2006, 2007 &  2008, although the first batch have been trained and appointed smoothly.  There are batches waiting even for the induction training, mostly comprising of female candidates. 

      The Group-C Circle Union has already centrally conducted meeting with the candidates and their parents. Our divisional unions also have close contacts with them, and in different divisions, Circle & Divisional Office bearers have met them on several occasions. Many petitions have been  filed at the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), Kolkata Bench, from different divisions like Midnapore, Bankura, South Presidency, North Presidency, Barasat, South Nadia, Malda etc. Our Union tried to cooperate, guide the petitioners and coordinate them in a tune as sincerely as possible. In the first hearing of these cases, Hon'ble CAT has allowed the department 4 / 6 weeks of time to file reply. A copy of the order passed by Hon'ble Bench in one such case is given in the link for reference of all concerned.

      However, the Group-C Circle Working Committee Meeting on 11th October 2010 has deeply discussed the issue and it has been unanimously decided that simultaneous with the Judicial Proceedings, we should take up organisational movement also to maintain the pressure so that the department does not resort to delaying intrigue to dispose these cases, as we have experienced in many earlier instances.

       Accordingly, a call is hereby declared to hold a demonstration on 28th October 2010 at the Circle Office in front of the chamber of the Chief PMG, W.B.Circle from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. with the candidates waiting for training / appointment. All Divisional Secretaries are requested to attend the program with such candidates and their parents, accompanied by our comrades in good number. Circle Union is also preparing individual letters for the deprived candidates which will be sent through the Divisional Secretaries. 

        Circle Union will also reveal some incidents in the program which would sufficiently arise questions on administrative impartiality in the treatment of the present complication. Therefore, all organisers please ensure maximum efforts for a huge gathering in the program.


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