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Irregular and Motivated transfer memo- case of Dinajpur Division.

All India Postal Employees’ Union Group – C
37, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata – 700 013.

PC-3/ Tenure transfer                                                                 Dated 01.02.2013

Sri I.Pangernungsang,
Postmaster General
North Bengal & Sikkim Region
West Bengal Circle

Sub: Irregular and motivated tenure transfer memo-case of Dinajpur Divn.

Dear Sir,

             Kindly recall the discussions this union had with you today over phone on the above issue. Now, for your passionate look and consideration we would like to draw your kind attention to the following irregularities and partial activities as depicted from the recent tenure transfer memo ( No:B3/Posting/D.Dn dated 29.01.2013)issued by the concerned authority.

             In the memo 8(eight) members ( Sri Sitendra Nath Sarkar, Abbasuddin Miah, Molay Ghosh, Samaresh Ch. Saha, Deepanjan Das, Bholanath Das, Siratan Ram Chowdhury & Bikash Sarkar ) of our organization(NFPE) have been thrown out of their residences completely ignoring their options for tenure-transfer. Here, the point of favoritism comes true when it reveals that even not a single member of FNPO has been touched for transfer outside their residential area. Actually we are not against any employee, but at the same time administration at all level should never be inclined to a particular organization bypassing the stipulated rules and regulation.

               One Sri Utpal Kumar Dutta , SPM, Itahar SO has been transferred to SPM, Rashbehari Market SO at his choice. Actually the official was once transferred to Itahar SO  by previous Supdt. in the middle of last year due to his misbehavior with Divisional Supdt. and dereliction of duty. The official was charged sheeted and even punished. Moreover, he has not yet completed even one year as SPM, Itahar S.O. It is surprising to note that such a guilty has been considered prize posting at his choice. We are in dark to realize  which has provoked the present Divisional Supdt. to take such a biased action in favour of the guilty official.
           Sri Siratan Ram Choudhury, SPM, Rampur was transferred by previous tenure transfer memo from Bunjadpur SO and he has been working there for last one year. The official, suffering from various ailments is due to retire in next year (30.06.2014). Now in present memo, the concerned official has been transferred to Itahar S.O, which is 110 kms away from Rampur S.O. This would not be out of place to mention here that Rampur S.O is situated in South Dinajpur Dist. while Itahar S.O is situated in Uttar Dinajpur. Is it not a mental torture to Sri Choudhury particularly when there is clear provision of Dte that retiring official should not be disturbed in shape of inconvenient posting ? Not only that, this type of transfer will invoke financial implication inform of TA / Transit etc, which is also violation of Dte’s instruction.

             It is seen that office interests have also not been looked into in proper way. For example, Ratan Krishna Roy, ASPM, Raiganj MDG who is yet to complete his tenure has been ordered for transfer to Debinagar S.O, which is against the interest of Raiganj MDG. Shri Roy, the senior most official is working there efficiently. Is it not a clear case of threatening to self restraint of a senior official ? Perhaps the transfer order has been issued to please somebody connected with FNPO group without taking into account of the interest of the office.  
            Examples are many, a few has been illustrated here. It is apprehended that the transfer memo has been guided by personal likes and dislikes and also dictated by interested lobbies. And also the present  Supdt. of Dinajpur Division has failed to maintain his official integrity for reasons best know to him. More over while issuing such illegal memo he has chosen such a time when our Divisional union has no scope to put forward their grievances as already the Supdt. has moved outside the head quarter for a training.

          We therefore, urge upon you to intervene into this matter personally and issue necessary instructions to the competent authority for immediate modification of all the irregularities / favoritism contained in the memo. And till then, we also request you to issue instructions to keep the above memo in abeyance. 

            A line in reply taking necessary action will be highly appreciated.

           Thanking you,
                                                                         Yours faithfully,

                                                                    ( Janardan  Majumdar)
                                                                                       Circle Secretary    
Copy to :1. The Director Postal Service, North Bengal & Sikkim Region – for
                   information and necessary guidance.
        2 .The Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C , Dinajpur Division for 

                                                                                           Circle Secretary            

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