Friday, February 15, 2013


Circle Council meeting of AIPEU Gr-C, W. B. Circle jointly with Working committee meeting of AIPEU, Postmen &  MSE/Gr-D and extended Working committee meeting of GDS (NFPE) held successfully on 9-10Feb’13 in Malda Division. Thanks to our Comrades/members of Malda Division for sincere and delicate arrangement of the meeting.
            Presidium comprising Tapan Dasgupta, President, Gr-C, Jaharlal Pramanik, President, P-IV and Saifuddin Ahmed, President, GDS(NFPE) presided over the meeting. After hoisting the Red Flag and garlanding the Martyr’s Column, meeting started in time. Before that, a rally well decorated with Red flags/festoons/banners marched the town areas with popular slogans of ensuing strike.
Circle Secretaries placed the work paper before the meeting. Divisional Secretaries / Representatives/ Comrades of branch/ divisional union took part in discussions. Mainly, Strike review (12Dec’12), preparation on ensuing Strike Strike (20-21 Feb’13), Membership Verification and our role, financial review, Role of branch/ division/Circle Union, Role of administration at different levels, various problems on cadre were discussed with extreme seriousness. 55 comrades took part in discussion. Circle Secretaries placed their answering speech and cleared all the points raised by the comrades. Finally, on behalf of the Presidium, Com. Tapan Dasgupta delivered his concluding speech and made earnest appeal to all branch/divisions to come forward with more courage, sincerity and conviction to make ensuing strike a grand success and also to strengthen our organization. In our joint meeting, Com. Shib Sankar Roy, Convener, 12 JULY Committee, also addressed the meeting. He advised to strengthen our organization and also to build up united struggle against new liberal policies of central government.

     Taking the advantage of our joint meeting, 12 JULY Committee, Malda district held a mass meeting where all cross section of employees including Postal, other Central Govt, and State Govt. took part. COm Dipak Pal Majumder, presided over the meeting. Pranab Chottopadhyay, eminent leader of mass movement, Pijush Roy, G/S, CGCC delivered their valuable speech. Com. B.G. Sur and Com. Janardan Majumder also addressed the mass meeting.

1.      Success ensuing Strike (20-21 Feb’13) with all seriousness. Highlight/CARE FOR intense campaign programme for strike. Take part in all programme taken by CGCC, 12 July Committee towards strike

         Garland Martyr’s column at every branch / division in memory of our language-Martyrs' positively on 21 Feb’13.
2.      Conduct Trade Union Camp in every branch / division within May’13 on the following subject-
(i)                Evolution of society. (ii) History of P &T Trade Union movement.
              Only Circle Union office bearers will speak on these subjects.

3.      Women convention will be held shortly before Circle Conference.
4.      Circle Conference (2013) will be held on and from 27-30 Oct’13 in Central Kolkata Division (including Park Street H.O.). Open session will be held  at Mahajati Sadan on 27 Oct’13.
5.      Branch/ Divisional conference must be held everywhere before Circle Conference, Please follow the guidelines in this regard. For inaugurators / speakers of branch / divisional conference, respective Circle Union must be approached first. In no circumstances leadership should be approached directly.
6.      Join ensuing All India Conferences including conference of  GDS NFPE and SBCO with maximum strength in form of delegates entitled and observers.
7.    Demonstratic programme will be held at Silliguri on 25 Feb'13 under the banner of Circle Union on problems of all division under North Bengal and Sikkim Region. Before that  such type of programme under the banner of divisional union will be held on 14 Feb'13 in all divisions of Sikkim Region on local issues and resolutions will be send to respective PMG, DPS and SSPO/SPO with copy to circle union. Such type of programme will be held at circle level in due course of time.

With vote of thanks to chairs, meeting ended at 7 PM on 10 Feb’2013. In all respects, this joint meeting was a grand success.

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