Sunday, August 3, 2014


      The workshop on 'Disciplinary Rules and tasks of a Defence Assistant' has been held today at Tarapada Memorial Hall, as decided in the last Joint Extended Circle Working Committee. 61 comrades participated in the workshop from all divisions and units in West Bengal Circle, 11 Circle Office Bearers including Circle Secretaries of Group-C and Postmen Unions were also present. The objective of the workshop has been to create a pool of able defence assistants within the organisation to help victimised staffs for their innocent mistakes, which is a serious organisational task and dire need of the moment. 
        Comrade Shibsankar Roy, our teacher and guide, took the sole responsibility of training the participants today. CGCC, West Bengal, has published a booklet on different rules governing the service of a Central Govt Employee including brief descriptions of disciplinary rules and preparation and responsibilities of a Defence Assistant. A copy of this booklet has been distributed to each participant by the Circle Union. Each of them has also been provided with three charge sheets --- two Rule-16 and one Rule-14 case for discussion.

     In the first half, the provisions of CCS(Conduct) & CCS(CCA) rules were discussed by Com. Roy with a PowerPoint presentation in Bengali. It also contained the theoretical aspects of tasks of a Defence Assistant. In the post-lunch session, the practical aspects were elaborated with references to the given three cases. All participants were deeply involved in the class, which were exhibited through series of questions and countless interactions.

         The Circle Union is going to hold the second level of this training program about after three months, when mock disciplinary boards will be formed and participants will be divided into groups to defend charges during hearing. Experienced veteran comrades from CGCC will extend their assistance for the next level.

         By this time, Circle Union requests all comrades to start involving themselves with Rule-16 cases of their divisions. The best way to become a Defence Assistant is by starting to write defences. Com. Shibsankar Roy and Circle Union will help every interested comrade by all means.     

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