Tuesday, September 9, 2014


    In a significant development, Central Govt today has circulated a copy of Gazette Notification (Extraordinary) dated 08.9.2014, deferring the last date of filing Lokpal Return by all staff till 31st December 2014  instead of present 15.9.2014.  

    A committee has been formed on 28.08.2014 to make suitable changes to the forms of Return and the process of the declaration. They will submit their report within 45 days (mid-October). 

      Regarding the threat of security to our staff and their family upon displaying all assets in the website, the observation and demand of West Bengal Group-C Circle Union have been almost reciprocated in the order (Gazette), which reads as ---

   'And whereas, concerns and apprehensions have been raised by some Ministries/Departments, Organisations and individuals about the posting of every information provided by the public servant on public domain and the complexities involved in posting such details in the prescribed formats and also about exacerbation of vulnerabilities of the public servants after filing such details, specifically of movable property and their publication on the websites of respective Ministries/Departments giving rise to apprehension of the safety and security of the members particularly children of the public servant;'

   The entire order has been circulated by our department through Dte. letter no. 20-1/2014-SPG dated 09.09.2014.  See the complete Notification (both Hindi and English versions) with forwarding letter by clicking on the link below :

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