Tuesday, September 30, 2014


      Swachh Bharat Mission, a dream project of the Central Govt for making India clean by 2019, will be formally launched on coming 2nd October 2014. The day co-incidentally is also the day of Maha Ashtami of Durga Puja in West Bengal this year. Enough confusion has already been created, mostly by media, regarding cancellation of leave on that date and mandatory presence etc. As it is one of the most auspicious days of religious festivals here involving many customs and rituals like 'Anjali', our staffs are naturally anxious to know the factual situation.

       Circle Union has gathered yesterday that in the letter from the Secretary (Posts) Smt. Kaveri Banerjee, there is no mention of cancellation of leave on 2nd October. In an inner-office order of the Circle Office yesterday, all tiers of officers/supervisors of the C.O. have been requested to attend the conference room on that day with staffs under their control to take a pledge of Swachh Bharat, where Chief PMG will lead. So far we have learnt, similar order may be sent today to all divisions/units. There is no mention of cancellation of national holiday or Maha Ashtami.

        A clean India is like a dream to all of us, so like all responsible citizens we also welcome it. However, as the media has already confused many of us by their contribution of imagination in their reports, The Circle Unions are wriritng to the Chief PMG today to clear the air. Our secretaries and activists are requested to go through the order as and when received, and guide our comrades accordingly. If necessary, feel free to contact Circle Union. 

        Finally, we have a little confusion of our own. Cleanliness drive in this way is definitely a noble challenge. But does 'cleanliness' --- as dreamt by Mahatma Gandhi, only involved removal of dirts, wastages and arrangement of sanitation? Does he not dreamt also of an India clean from corruptions, oppressions and centralisation of wealth to few people? Would the nation be able to see a true and sincere drive for such cleanliness from the leaders of our country? We are also ready to support our Govt in that effort. Will this waiting ever end? 

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