Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Unprecedented Strike –

Red Salute to all taking part in Strike

    16th March  Strike is a grand success in our Circle, as well as the entire country –not only in Postal Department but also in our Central Govt. Departments.
    In Postal Department, here strike this time is unprecedented. In most of the divisions impact of strike is beyond our expectation-practically 100 percent. In some division we have developed our position. Some offices opened –but lionshare employees refused to work and take part in strike. FNPO also took a good role this time.
It’s a befitting reply to the Govt. –against it’s policies, injustice and oppression to the Govt. employees. Thanks to Confederation for taking bravo decision of strike. Thanks to our comrades, our members, employees who took effective role to make this strike a grand success.
    A section of employees did not take part in strike , We request them to realize that this role is only strengthening the hands of arrogant officers of Department as well autocratic Central Govt. so they have to change themselves and strengthen our movement for our existence.

     Gathering more courage and conviction from this success strike we have to move further . No time to take rest. We are ready for continuous ,  intense, shift struggle.

Berhampore, Murshidabad Division.

  Birbhum Division

Coochbehar Division

                                    Coochbehar Division

Darjeeling Division

East Kolkata Division

 Jalpaiguri Division

Kolkata GPO

                                           Kolkata GPO

Midnapore Division.

Park Street, Central Kolkata Division

Princep Street, Central Kolkata Division

RMS, H Division

 Siliguri, Darjeeling Division.

South Kolkata Division

Baruipur , South Presidency Division

Tamluk Division
 O/o the Ch PMG, Yogayog Bhawan

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