Monday, May 22, 2017


     By now, comrades of every corner of West Bengal Circle have become aware of the situation under which our Comrade Abhijit Roy drew the final curtain on his journey of life just a week before. A person who always kept his smile on his face and expected a smooth retirement from department only after 4 years, had to commit suicide due to continuous humiliation at office, Rathtala P.O. in North Presidency Division, a single-handed CBS S.O. where he was posted without CBS training. 

      He tried his best to learn and cope himself up with the work by taking leave and attending other offices to be knowledgeable with Finacle, but finally couldn't and departed forever, leaving a suicide note wherein he clearly mentioned the situation of the office as the factor of his deep depression.

    The Divisional Administration was aware as he made requests over phone to get him transferred. Before tenure memo, he opted for transfer in either of the two H.O.s in his division (Belghoria or Barrackpore), but was posted as SPM, Rathtala without CBS training beyond his options which has become a common administrative practice in almost all divisions in our circle nowadays. As usual the administration turned deaf ears to him, an ASP had even reportedly foul-mouthed him over phone a couple of days before the fateful morning, and our comrade could not bear it any more.

    Resentment, anger, grief and hatred for this incident to this administration are all we have now. We have already a program on Tuesday, 23.05.2017, to hold a demonstration in all divisions in support of the Dharna in front of the Finance Minister's office, the Circle Unions have decided to express our protest against the above incident also through that program on Tuesday and submit a resolution.

    All divisions are requested to hold the program and send the resolution to the Chief PMG, Regional PMG and Divisional Head in the following format.

NFPE Group of Unions
__________________ Division

RESOLUTION  dated  23.05.2017   
     This mass demonstration of the above unions sternly condemns the administration in West Bengal Circle where a general policy of tormenting and torturing the staffs psychologically has been adopted denying all legitimate rights and facilities, which has undoubtedly contributed to the death of late Abhijit Roy, ex-SPM, Rathtala S.O., North Presidency Division. 
     This demonstration takes a serious note of the fact that ignoring the options of staffs during transfer posting and other requests for consideration and issue arbitrary orders have become a common practice almost in every division and now appears a cherishable administrative event. 
    This demonstration resolves to demand that immediate inquiry should be started against the concerned officers who denied to consider option of the deceased staff and posted him in a single-handed CBS office without training. Suitable proceedings against them should be initiated in no time.  
     It is further resolved to send a message of alert to the administration that if such situation continues and staffs of the department are subjected to such atrocities in this circle, an unprecedented wave of trade union movement will be launched circle-wide and the administration of all tires will remain responsible for consequences.

(President of the meeting)   

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