Wednesday, May 31, 2017


    Comrade Dipak Ranjan Pal Majumder, prominent leader of Malda Division as well as our Circle Union, has retired today from service on superannuation from the post of Head Postmaster, Malda H.P.O. One of the handful of leaders who have enriched our union from its foundation of idealism, Com. Pal Majumder has been a stalwart and very respected personality among the staff irrespective of unions and the administration as well.

     Com. Pal Majumder has joined our department in 1979. From the very beginning he was a keen learner of rules and understood that in order to be a good trade unionist of our organisation, you have to be a good worker first. He was a qualified PO & RMS Accountant and held charges of different responsible positions in office. He served our organisation as the Divisional Secretary and later President of Group-C union, Malda Division and also as Asstt. Circle Secretary, Group-C, West Bengal. He was the President of CGCC, Maldal Dist. and presently the Joint Convener of District 12 th July Committee.

    The officers has not spared such an active comrade of NFPE from their vindication. Two years before his retirement he was transferred as SPM, Mothabari S.O., totally beyond rule as he was a PO-RMS qualified official. Malda Divisional Unions and Circle Unions fought a hard battle against this biased decision upto the level of Directorate, and finally, about a year back, the order was corrected and he was brought back to Malda H.O.

    Apart from his inspiring trade union life, Com. Pal Majumder was an inimitable worker. His standard of work was highly appreciated by all levels of administration. In a word, he was and still is an instance of an ideal NFPE-ian, who can be followed by our young activists and leaders. Our organisation in North Bengal Region was strengthened much due to the movement by him, jointly with some other leaders.

    West Bengal Circle Unions pay respect to the comrade and wish him a healthy, active and cheerful retired life from office, but of course not from organisation. We are sure that he will contribute much more to the movement of working class now utilising the additional time in his hands.

       KUDOS  COMRADE .          

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