Friday, May 25, 2018

4th Day Strike
Strike impact on 4th day is again encouraging, enthusiastic. Even after 4th Day we are proudly stating that the employees, mainly the GDS have keen interest, enthusiasm everywhere to continue the strike. It is learnt from some division that urge for continuing strike increasing. Even some GDS of other organizations joined with our GDS Organization.
On the other, our Departmental employees under NFPE, West Bengal Circle issued strike notice to show solidarity to the All India GDS strike at the call of AIPEU, GDS. Today our federation NFPE (CHQ) instructed us that solidarity strike technically should not be continued for long. NFPE (CHQ) also advised us to withdraw strike of Departmental employees. Rather, today the Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle made a sincerely appeal to NFPE, West Bengal Circle to withdraw strike. She also assumed verbally to discuss the issues (Which are to be settled at Circle level) with us. Again, it is fact that through at the beginning the no. of participation for departmental employee was more than 60% that with time strike participation for departmental employees was slowly decreasing. But we have to keep in mind that in our circle a large no of departmental employees took part in this strike mainly for 4 days continuously.
However, taking into consideration the reality, NFPE, AIPEU, GDS, West Bengal Circle unanimously took decision to withdraw the solidarity strike from tomorrow, while GDS strike will continue. Till, GDS strike will continue we will stand by them extended our solidarity in all respects.
1.     Badge wearing program at every work spot (Collect the text from blog & get print accordingly). 

2.     Slogan shouting & demonstration everywhere with GDS.
3.     Extend all solidarity co-operations to striking GDS.
4.      Circle Union formed 5(Five) teams headed by :--
                                                       i.            Com. Janardan Majumder and Com. Sukumar Mondal
(North Presidency, South Presidency, Barasat, Nadia North, Nadia South & North Hooghly)
                                                     ii.            Com. Adhir Das & Com. Subhas Chakraborty
(Murshidabad, Birbhum, Midnapore & Tamluk)
                                                  iii.            Com. Sona Chand Sil & Com. Srikanta Basu
(Asansol, Bardwan & Howrah)
                                                  iv.            Com. Bibhas Ghara, Com. Manoj Shaw & Com. Pranab Das
(Bankura, Contai, South Hooghly, Purulia and A& N Island)
                                                     v.            Com. Nanda Sen & Subrta Pal
(Cooch Behar, Dinajpur, Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, Malda & Sikim)
They will take care of above divisions as fixed for respective team. All circle secretaries will take care overall.
5.     Shortly Circle Union will express their overall views in form of a leaf let which will be sent to all divisions. 

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