Wednesday, February 26, 2020


   A resolution should be placed and adopted from tomorrow's demonstration program at all divisions at the call of the circle union.

Resolution dated 27.02.2020.

    This mass demonstration of NFPE group of unions, ........division, expresses its serious concern and strong protest against setting unrealistic and irrational target in different savings and business schemes and against the humiliation of staffs in the name of efforts of achieving the target. The administration is totally distanced itself from popularising and publicising the schemes among the mass of the country by advertisement and exerting inhuman pressure only on staffs including threats of curbing benefits, holding of pay etc. unabatedly. Without adequate training to all and incurring any expenditure on advertising, the key way of achievement of target to our administration appears to exercise unwarranted power.

        Our organisations, including along with other divisions, have noted another grave vindication and misuse of power in Dinajpur division, where the IP, Kaliyaganj Sub division, has placed Sri Chandan Paul, GDSBPM, Baghan B.O. under put-off duty with framed and concocted allegations. Staffs of Dinajpur division and the local unions have already apprehended such action from him as his irregular and illegal activities have been protested by us. The divisional head, Dinajpur division, remained completely inactive despite being communicated bb the local unions and thus indulged in the activities of the said IP, who also repeatedly quoted support of the SPOs while physically assaulting the BPM. The allegations brought against the GDSBPM is also related to target and this is the classic example of our grievance stated in the above paragraph.

   Our organisations resolve to take part in strongest movement as called and led by our circle unions if the administration does not refrain itself immediately from threatening and pressurising the staffs in the name of achievement of target and if Sri Chandan Paul, a qualified candidate in PA examination, is not reinstated forthwith and suitable inquiry is not initiated against Sri Manish Sen, IP, Kaliyaganj Sub-division.

President of the demonstration

1. The Chief Postmaster General, W.B.Circle
2. The Postmasters General, Kolkata/ South Bengal/ North Bengal/ Sikkim Region.

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