Thursday, March 26, 2020



COVID-19 Infection and Situation in Contai Division : Action Requested


6:03 PM (37 minutes ago)

to cpmg_wb
Respected sir,
          Your kind attention is invited to an incident of Contai Division.
      A case of COVID-19 infection has been declared today where a
person from Nayabad (adjacent to EM Bypass, Kolkata) got infected
after attending a marriage ceremony at Egra. The ceremonial house is
adjacent to Egra MDG and concerened Beat Postman visited that house
during the ceremony day on 16.03.2020 for delivering eMO.
          The matter has now been intimated to the SPOs, Contai
Division and all staffs want to go to quarantine and the office should
also be closed down immediately.
          The Circle Unions hold that this is the inevitable
consequence of what the department has decided, exposing all staffs to
life threat. The department has miserably failed from the beginning to
provide any Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in Post office/ RMS/
MMS offices at entry points and has no clue as to how to maintain
social distancing among the customers in the counter.
         Our authority should take a note that our ground level staffs
are the only people who are exposed to the threat without any
protection. We found no other department like ours, rendering
'emergency services', acting almost indifferently to save the lives of
its own staffs.
         Taking lessons from the attitude of some officers in
different regions including RMS/MMS, we are to communicate that if one
single postal employee who is put to work gets infected by corona
virus didease, our administration will be solely responsible and our
organisation will not fail to decide steps to save the lives of
helpless and unprotected postal employees.

        Thanking you,

        Yours faithfully,

A.Biswas, Circle Secretary, Group-C
S.Chakraborty,  Circle Secretary, Postmen & MTS
T.Bhowmik,  Circle Secretary, GDS
S.Barua,  Circle Secretary, SBCO
S.Nandy,  Circle Secretary, R-III
D.Dey,  Circle Secretary, R-IV
S.Das,  Circle Secretary, Admin Union
S.Dey,  Circle Secretary, DA(P)


Pratip Majumdar said...

Thank you comrades.

Unknown said...

Matter is really worried.