Saturday, May 21, 2022

Demonstration programme on 20.05.2022 in West Bengal Circle

At the call of NFPE group of unions and AIPEU-GDS of West Bengal Circle, demonstration was organised successfully on 20.05.2022 in almost all the divisions of our circle against reluctant attitudes of the administrations at all level to resolve the pending issues and difficulties faced by staffs/workers and whimsical & arbitrary administrative decisions which have made the service condition intolerable.

A resolution with ten (10) demands was adopted by the mass demonstration and submitted to the Head of Circle/Regions/Divisions for immediate attention and steps towards resolving them.

In some divisions, due to unavoidable circumstances, the demonstration is rescheduled on 23.05.2022.

It is further resolved that if the situation does not develop towards improvement and visible consideration in favour of the issues, trade union movement will be launched at all levels including hunger fast.

Red salute and revolutionary greeting to all the leadership and members of all the divisional unions of West Bengal Circle. ✊✊

Copy of the resolution dated 20.05.2022  👇

Glimpses of yesterday's demonstration programme, organised in different divisions of West Bengal Circle. 👇

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