Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Presidency Zonal Convention

Presidency Zonal Convention under the banner of NFPE group of union,West Bengal Circle was successfully organised by Nadia South Division on 30/10/2022 at Ranaghat Karmochari Bhavan. Com. Ashok Mondal, Com. Joydeb Pramanik & Com. Dibakar Mondal presided over the meeting. Among others, comrades of 7 divisions of Presidency  zone & other comrades of Nadia South Division , Circle office bearer Com. Annewsha Biswas, Com. Adhir Das, Com. Krishna Biswas, GDS General Secretary of CHQ Com.Tapan Bhowmik, ex circle office bearer/ ex-jt convenor of 12th July committee Com. Tapan Dasgupta were also present there and also enriched the convention with their valuable speech.Delegates of different divisions discussed various unsettled problems which are pending at CO & RO level. From the convention Com. Adhir Das(Group C), Com. Sukumar Mondal(P-IV), & Com. Avirup Sardar(GDS) was selected as Convenor for Presidency  Zone.

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Unknown said...

Delighted to host this event successfully from Nadia South div.