Thursday, January 7, 2010



After the mutual discussion on 17th December 2009, it was the understanding that the four-monthly meeting would be mainly focussed on the 14-point charter of demands placed by the Circle Unions. On behalf of the Group-C Circle Union, Com. Tapan Dasgupta, President, Com. Janardan Majumdar, Circle Secretary and Com. Somnath Mukherjee, Vice-President, Circle Union & Deputy G.S. (CHQ) attended the meeting.

At the onset, the Circle Unions made it clear that time has come to get some results from such meetings rather than observing courtesy or formality. It has also been demanded that as the DA(P) Union is now federated to NFPE, they should also be invited in the four-monthly meeting with NFPE Group of Circle Unions. The Ch PMG agreed to it. Itemwise discussion also took place but could not be in exhaustive shape as the regional PMGs were not present. It has been informed to the Ch PMG that traditionally, the regional PMGs were always present in four-monthly meetings to have in-depth discussions. She has been requested to make such arrangements in future.

Emphasis has been given on the issue of requent attacks on RMS Circle & Divl Union leaderships and all the unions warned the inevitable fate it would produce.The matter of Residual Vacancy also discussed over a considerable period.

The anarchy and humiliation of the staffs by the local administration at Project Arrow offices and the malpractices & manipulations to elevate the KPI score through D.E.T. have been discussed elaborately. 14 Divisions in the Circle sent exhaustive note on the subject to the Circle Union with categorical instances where illegal and malafide ways are being adopted, viz., scanning white papers or papers written 'SS wanting' instead of signatures, closing and opening of fictitious bags, non-entering accountable articles before delivery, showing speed post articles as dispatched etc. have been condemned. The Ch PMG has been informed in candid words that the Circle Unions are going to issue organisational instruction to all divisions not to perform any work unless ordered in writing by appropriate authority. The situation in which the System Assistants are working and their position have also been placed thoroughly, especially in the perspective of frequent cases where DET software would not run properly for reasons beyond correction in the local levels. A surprising  instance in Dinajpur Division was also cited where a Siliguri-based company, 'M/S Prabir & Subir', was blacklisted in NB Region three years back, but given assignment again this year.

The Ch PMG agreed to the problems of the System Assistants and assures to take some measures to  ease their work-environment, but did not completely accept the facts of irregularities in Project Arrow Offices. Rather she sought for some facts and statistics. The Circle Unions know beyond doubt her personal influence in these malpractices like bag closing & opening, putting unwarranted remarks on articles etc. and will shortly submit a detailed note with further incorporation of information from the Divisional Secretaries.

Although the next four-monthly meeting is supposed to be held after four months, due to requirement of the situation and nature of the problems, it has been decided that the meeting will continue on some date next month. Meanwhile, the Circle Zonal Committee meetings will also start to take place. 

So, all our leaders, organisers, System Assistant comrades are requested to keep in touch and inform the Circle Union regarding all relevant information.


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