Tuesday, December 20, 2011


        Circle Unions have issued a letter to Com. M.Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE, requesting to consider inclusion of the demand for restoration of KVP, Bonus of MIS and agents' commission at the earlier rate. The Circle Unions have also apprised the Federation of the facts of the organisation of the SAS agents, All India Small Savings Agents Association, and its development. Our Divisional Secretaries are also requested to extend organisational support to their Association. Please note that the demonstration on 23.12.2011 should be organised with their participation. The text of resolution will be given shortly in this blog.
                The letter of the Circle Unions is reproduced below.

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C
All India Postal Employees Union Postmen & MSE/Group-D
All India Postal Extra Departmental Employees Union
West Bengal Circle
37, G.C.Avenue, Kolkata-13

No: PC-25/Joint Movement                                                         Dated 20.12.2011.
   Com. M.Krishnan,
   Secy. General,
            Sub: Request for inclusion of demand of restoration of KVP, MIS Bonus & Agents' Commssion.

Dear Comrade,
                        This is to inform you that after consistent efforts for the last few years, the SAS agents of West Bengal has shaped a union of their own. The initiative is now receiving tremendous support from all agents after the recent attack on them, slashing down their commission by half, and on KVP & MIS. As West Bengal attracts the highest investment in small savings, agents here are worst sufferers.
                        Recently, they have organised a State level convention at Moulali Yuva Kendra in Kolkata, where apart from agents from all divisions of West Bengal, representatives attended from other circles also. They have formed a Preparatory Committee for holding State Conference and within January 2012, all district (divisional level) conferences are going to be held. A decision has also been taken to write to all MPs with the request to place their issue in the Parliament. Com. Basudeb Acharya has already assured to put up the issue in Parliament during this session. Gradually, their organisation (All India Small Savings Agents Association) are getting stronger momentum. In the State Convention, Com. Tapan Dasgupta, President, CGCC, and Com. Pijush Roy, General Secretary, CGCC, West Bengal were present by their invitation.
                        We are having close liaison with them and trying to contribute in their initiative. We have also announced a date (23.12.2011) to hold demonstration at all divisional headquarters with their presence and participation. A resolution demanding restoration of KVP, Bonus of MIS and agent commission at the earlier rate will be sent to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Minister of Communication & IT and DG(Posts) from the demonstration.
                        Under this situation, the Postal Circle Unions of West Bengal Circle request that considering the graveness of the attack on Small Savings and the agents who actually use to bring the business to post offices, this issue may be included in the strike charter of demands for the indefinite strike to be commenced from 17th January 2012. We also request you to take suitable organisational steps so that SAS agents in all circles get united in this way and form their organisations.
                                    Comradely yours,

                   Janardan Majumdar, Circle Secretary Gr-C
                   Nirmal Ch. Dey, Circle Secretary, Postmen & MSE/Gr-D
                   Bijoy Gopal Sur, Circle Secretarey, EDEU  

Copy to:
  All Divl Secretaries in West Bengal Circle ---- for information and providing organizational support to the branch of SAS Agents’ organization in their divisions.

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