Sunday, December 4, 2011


         As per the call of the Central Trade Unions, thousands of workers and employees have rocked the roads of the capital of our country against the intention of the Central Govt to put up Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority Bill in the running winter session of the Parliament. When most of the countries of the world, even the developed countries, are suffering from increasing unemployment and slow growth rates due to adopting neo-economic policies, our Central Govt is still not giving up their plans on the same road-map.

         The government is facing financial hardship due to their own financial policies, but choosing the funds in which middle or lower middle class citizens of our country invest or keep their meager savings to pump in money to the share market to inflate the market. This is at the cost of the social security of the workers and employees and we cannot accept that. From West Bengal, a significant number of young comrades have also enthusiastically walked along the experienced comrades and raised their voices. Participation from different divisions were as follows : Coochbehar, Jalpaiguri, Nadia South, Darjeeling, East Kolkata -  4 each, Birbhum, South Hooghly, North Hooghly, Contai, Central Kolkata - 3 each, Midnapore, Purulia - 5 each, Barasat - 2, South Kolkata, Alipore - 1 each, South Presidency - 7 (4 P.A.s attended from this division had not yet completed even a year of their service), Gr-C & Postmen & Gr-D and SBCO Circle Unions - 7. Among the above representation, one from Darjeeling and three from East Kolkata were lady comrades.

         We resolve to strengthen our movement in future and let us start the preparation for the strike called by all Central Trade Unions and Federations, tentatively on 28th February 2012.

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