Tuesday, December 6, 2011


           The NFPE Group of Postal Circle Unions have convened a demonstration at the Circle Office on 9th December 2011, Friday, at 1-30 P.M. at 6th floor. The main demands are :
  1. Settlement of irregular transfer orders during rotational memo this year issued by the SPOs, Barasat Divn. On this, the Circle Union has issued series of letters to the PMG, Kolkata Region since 13.7.2011 and had repeated discussions with both PMG and DPS, Kolkata Region. Though they have admitted our points, have done nothing so far despite assurances. This way, they have made us to initiate organisational programs from now on which would be made intense if required.
  2. Stoppage of diversion of booking of UIDAI and Print to Post articles from Kolkata GPO to other Business Offices and even outsource. GPO is having adequate manpower and computers to handle the entire work initially entrusted, but for reasons beyond our understanding, it has been diverted. Facing protest from our organisation, a portion of the work has again been reallotted to GPO, but we want complete reversion of the situation as it was.
  3. Return of staffs deputed to C.O. without justification to parent divisions. At personal will of some authorities, a number of staffs are presently attached to the C.O. They do not have specific work, apart from those intended every morning by the officer. It is his personal style of working. Though it has been assured that they would be returned to respective divisions within 31st November, it did not materialise. We cannot let this continue to satisfy some personal style of working.
                       There also will be some other issues of divisions under Kolkata Region. Secretaries are requested to please bring it under the notice of the Circle Union if any such issue is pending for long in their divisions. All secretaries of divisions in and around Kolkata are requested to mobilise comrades to attend the demonstration in huge number.     

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