Friday, February 24, 2012

 The clarion call of the strike on 28th February called by all Central Trade Unions and having the decision of participation by the Central Postal JCA is knocking at the door now. We all know that with the main 10-points charter of demand, the Confederation has included the issues of Central Govt employees. Our JCA has made us proud by serving independent strike notice to the department. A milestone in the India Trade Union Movement is going to be set up.
       When massive propaganda and campaign program have reached  the peak, at many places in our circle, we are informed that local political elements have threatened our comrades to keep offices open on 28th, although those political parties have no jurisdiction or any relevance to hold opinion or dictate on a strike by Postal employees. It is simply their political agendum and vendetta. By this, they are making clear on whose side they belong to. When they are opposing and threatening us, they are also opposing the demand of price control. When they are opposing the strike, they also oppose the demand to implement Labour Law at all working sectors. When they oppose our strike, they support the policy of Central Govt to withdraw the security of pension, they are supporting privatisation and outsourcing.That is why they have come down to the street to make the strike unsuccessful. It is their class angle, only a plea of 'public suffering due to strikes' are being pronounced. People are suffering much more due to price rise, non-employment, torture of the employers. They are not talking a word about the issues brought in light by the Central Trade Unions and our Confederation.
     Furthermore, some groups and persons belonging to another service union (not NFPE) is declaring through circulars and bulletins their abstinence from strike in West Bengal Circle, despite their All India Committee being a part of the Central Postal JCA. This is an instance of indiscipline and dishonour to the call of JCA, their CHQ and Circle committees, and weakening the call of JCA due to political slavery. We have to remain aware and conscious against these propagandists. We know their compulsion. Postal employees will adjudge their treacherous role against the interest of our brotherhood of working people and the nation.
      All these have intensified our responsibility and need for courageous discharge of duty of making the strike a historic success in West Bengal Circle. No question of surrendering before threats. The NFPE Group of Unions in West Bengal Circle appeals to all Postal Workers to unite and fight for the issues to save our bread and family. All comrades reading this appeal please convey our call to all of our colleagues. Let the unity of the working class in India be the winner.        

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