Monday, February 27, 2012

        As today is the day for final preparation for the strike, comrades are requested to please take a serious note of the following points.

  • Staff gathering and slogan shouting at prominent offices with appropriate deliberation regarding the need and demands of the strike, and its direction towards the welfare of the common people.
  • Administration have some routine tasks for restricting the strike from materialising, which they will naturally exercise. But the present perspective in West Bengal have some additional elements to enthuse the opposing forces of this historic protest program of Indian Working Class. Our comrades are advised to keep their cool in any state of provoking situation, by administration or outsiders.
  • The Circle Unions will function from Circle Union Office round-the-clock from 27th afternoon. All comrades are free to contact at any moment of need (with information to Divl Secretaries first).
  • The Divl/Branch Secretaries will please keep close contact in their divisions/units and with circle union. They must have to report their situation to Circle Union at 1 P.M. and 4 P.M.
  • For handing over of keys and in reply to queries, if any, from the part of administration, allowing officers to respective headquarters etc, the guideline issued few days back by the Circle Unions (on the eve of indefinite strike in January 2012) are to be followed. Please contact your secretary before giving any written submission/deposition/statement.
  • Please remember we are holding this strike to ensure our security, financial and social; for our bread, for our families and siblings; for protecting our rights we have earned through sacrifices. Compromise means inviting insecurity and slavery, which the Rulers want. We have to be courageous and brave to face the situation, but wise and tactical to handle it as well. Your mighty organisation is always with you, so if any trouble comes up, think twice before you decide, consult the leadership, and go ahead with confidence. Postal movement is backed by the experiences and sacrifices of generations since the British Rules, we are not in a shallow trap to surrender. We inherit struggle and dignity.
  • Please remember the words of Comrade Jyoti Basu, which he used to spell repeatedly during his final few years ---- 'People are the makers of history.' Comrades, we may not be feeling now, but this strike is indeed a history in making. Let us contribute our bit into it.  

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