Tuesday, April 3, 2012

    Circle Union is receiving frequent telephone calls from comrades regarding whether any new clarification is received or any news of change or recirculation of membership form by the department. 
     The Group-C (CHQ) has already clarified in its blog that the last clarification issued by the department on 28.07.2011 is the latest guideline so far. The membership form is same as last year, further, if the format remains correct, it is immaterial whether it is having signature of Director (SR & Legal). 
     Comrades are requested to continue the task of obtaining new membership in our favour and make our organisation even stronger to carry on with our journey unabated.

    The Circle Unions have called a demonstration at the Circle Office tomorrow at 1:30 P.M. mainly on the following issues:
  • The problems developing in RMS, change of augmentation of work and staff.
  • The delay in settlement of the revision of wage of Part-Time Workers despite submission of report of the committee headed by the Chief PMG, Assam Circle and departmental assurances. 
  • Inordinate delay in delivery of mails due to accumulation at different points and hubs.
          Comrades of Branches and divisions in and around Kolkata are requested to attend the program in huge numbers.   

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