Tuesday, May 6, 2014


    The Circle Office has issued an order communicating the Chief PMG's instruction for engagement of the selected PAs/SAs against the vacancies for the years 2011-12, which appears like an effort to provide a relief to the situation of tremendous staff shortage. There is no arrangement for in-house training, this is not at all any sort of appointment, not going to benefit the young aspiring candidates in seniority or drawing salary as per pay scale. This has no resemblance to the demand placed by our Circle Union. The text of the order dated 02.05.2014 (addressed to all Regional PMsG, Divisional & Unit Heads) is appended below :

       Sub: Appointment of newly selected candidate in PA cadre against vacancy of 2011-12.

     This is in connection with appointment of PAs/SAs by direct recruitment against the vacancies of the year 2011-12.
     As per the usual procedure, a candidate may be directed to undergo training at the PTCs only after completion of pre-appointment formalities viz. character and antecedents verification, medical examination and verification of their educational certificate. But in practical, it is noticed that police verification, which is a mandatory requirement before appointment of any candidate is taking much time which resulted delay in making the offer of appointment to the selected candidate.
     Keeping in view of the acute shortage of PAs/SAs in this circle, the Chief PMG, West Bengal Circle, has kindly ordered to engage the newly selected candidate in PA/SA cadre in back offices or non-sensitive branch and in ordinary sorting respectively and if required, an undertaking may be taken from the candidates before such engagement.


     Please note that this is far from the demand of this Circle Union as this would not serve any material purpose of the candidates other than a meager daily wage. The department did not make any move to expedite their formal appointment pending the verifications. The Circle Union will again strongly pursue the Chief PMG to take personal initiative immediately after the Loksabha Election so that the Police Verifications are done throughout West Bengal expeditiously. 
   The Circle Union has also noted that due to misunderstanding and misinterpretation of this order, a confusion has been spread that in-house training has been ordered and this was represented like an achievement of our demand. We have not at all demanded such 'engagement' . This is most unfortunate and the Circle Union wishes to request everyone to go through all orders meticulously and take time to properly interpret orders before bringing it to all others' notice or publicising them. We still are vigorously continuing to place our demand for their appointment which would not be compromised with such orders.    


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Manna Ray said...

R/S Sir,we r not agree with the decision taken by Postal dept. we r selected in PA/SA cadre so why we will join such daily wage employment. Sir pls protest against order.

postal staff said...

I really don't understand where's the problem in in house training and giving the appointment. Really though the postal department is going through a change but at the same time it is getting backdated. We are not criminal moreover if anybody's PVR is found not satisfying, the department always have the right to terminate the candidate even after joining. I don't think there should be any problem from us candidates.

Unknown said...

when we will get the appointment ??? 6 months running :/

biswa said...

Sir.. If there is no vacancy in PTC
why the training period is not reduce to 30 days or something