Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Com. R N Parashar, Secretary General, put emphasis on united struggle.

      Postal Co-ordination Committee (NFPE), West Bengal Circle held a general body meeting on 21 February’2015 at Tarapada Memorial Hall, KolKata. The meeting started at about 6 PM. A large no. of organisers/leaders assembled in the meeting. Presidium comprising Com. Aparesh Lahiri and Com. Nirmal Dey presided over the meeting. Most of the Circle Secretaries and office bearers of different Circle union under Postal Co-ordination Committee were present in the meeting.
     Com. R N Parashar, our beloved Secretary General, NFPE was the main speaker. At the very beginning Com. R N Parashar, on behalf of house paid homage to our late lamented leader Babu Tapapada Mukherjee, garlanding at his statue. After that our beloved Secretary General was felecited by Com. Aparesh Lahiri. Com. J. Majumdar, Secretary, Postal Co-ordination Committee told in brief the main object of the meeting. Then Secretary General delivered his speech. He described nicely how the present Central Govt. in the name of “leveraging” has intensified attack on postal services, only to privatize this sector. He described that Govt. of India is not at all interested to settle the sectarian demands as well as common issues like marger of DA, grant of interim relief etc. He intimated the present position of court case on GDS - issues and described how under constant pursuation backed by movements mainly under NFPE, the financial demands of part time/contingent paid employees achieved recently. He stressed on necessity of united struggle and made appeal to take all out efforts to success the ensuing all india indefinite strike from 6th may’2015 on 40 points charter of demands at the call of Postal JCA (NFPE/FNPO & respective GDS organization) and also the coming “march to Parliament on 28th April’2015 at the call of National Council (JCM) staff side organization (NJCA – Railway, Defence & Confederation) on 10 points charter of demands of 7th Pay Commission, against privatization in Govt. establishments and induction of FDI in Defence / Railway sector etc.
     Finally, he put special emphasis on “membership verification 2015” in case of Departmental Employees as well as GDS. He mentioned, “the more we (NFPE) grow up, the more we (our department and struggle) survive” So, our every unit, every organisar has an important role to increase the membership of all affiliates including GDS (NFPE). Then he made appeal – come out comrade and ensure it.
     Com. Aparesh lahiri on behalf of presidium expressed sincere thanks to Comrade R N Parashar with positive assurances to implement properly all the proposals/requests/advices he made. Some photos of the meeting are given below :--

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