Thursday, February 19, 2015

          Our beloved member Com. Arindam Sarkar and PA Kolkata GPO passed away on 17th Feb.’2015. He was admitted at a nursing home at Bidhan Nagar. He was nearly 52. He was out an out honest, sincere worker and also a bonafied member of our organization. We express our shock over his untimely death and also express our condolence to his bereaved family.
           There is an allegation that he was mentally torchered by Sri Arun Sarkar, Deputy Director, Kolkata GPO. As per Doctor’s report, his previous disease like progressive asymmetric paraplegia got aggravated as a conseguence of “recent severe mental stress.” We are apprehending that he received his stress as a result of rude/inhuman treatment by Sri Arun sarkar, Deputy Director, Kolkata GPO. Actually, it is learnt, this Director is habituated to behave rudely with office staff. His attitude is such which is not fit in a civil society. It is also learnt, he even does not know how to behave with female employees also. As a result, all cross section of employees of Kolkata GPO are severely annoyed with this office.
           So,we are again expressing our shock at one hand while on the demanding remarkable punishment against Sri Arun Sarkar, Deputy Direcor, Kolkta GPO for peace and franquility in sector.

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